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TAYLOR, DWIGHT. The township of Rupert occupies a position in the extreme northwesterly corner of Bennington county. It was chartered by Governor Wentworth on the 20th of August, in the year 1761, but its early settlement did not commence until several years after that date. Some of its pioneers were from New Hampshire, and among them was Joel Taylor, a native of Merrimac, born March 4, 1764. While yet a young man he came to the town above named, being at that time exceedingly poor in purse, and carrying no baggage except that contained in an old knapsack, which was strapped about his shoulders.

Joel Taylor took up his abode on Rupert mountain, on the old road leading from Pawlet to Salem. At that time the low lands or valleys were swampy, and by the settlers considered of little value, and exceedingly unhealthy; so Joel Taylor began clearing his farm on the mountain. He married Hannah Farrar, who was born in New Hampshire in 1762, their marriage taking place in March, 1784. Their children were as follows: Hannah, born August 20, 1785, married Robert Wilson and lived in Rupert, and afterward in Salem, and died January 20, 1858; Polly, born October 22, 1787, married Austin Johnson, of Rupert, and died December 3, 1840; Joel, born in Rupert August 17, 1794, married Olive Field, of Dorset, and died April 8, 1859; Stephen, born April 10, 1796, married Harriet Sheldon, of Rupert, and died July 29, 1884, and his wife, Harriet, died February 5, 1854; Elbridge, born August 24, 1799, died September 26, 1884 Joel Taylor, the pioneer, died January 16, 1846. His wife, Hannah (Farrar) Taylor, died September 25, 1825.

Stephen Taylor, the fourth child and second son of Joel, married first Harriet Sheldon, the daughter and descendant of one of the most respected pioneer families of the town of Rupert. The children of this marriage were: Dwight, born September 10, 1825; Emmons, born July 26, 1828, died April 13, 1874; Newton, born February 23, 1830, died March 21, 1841; Sheldon, born August 6, 1833, died April 2, 1874, and James B., born August 15, 1840, flow living at Portage City, Wis. The second wife of Stephen Taylor was Olive W. Wakeley, who died December 2, 1877. Emmons Taylor and James B. Taylor both lived in Portage City. Wis., and became prominent lawyers of that place.

It will be. seen from the foregoing genealogical sketch that of the children of Stephen Taylor but two, Dwight and James B., are now living, and that the former of these alone remains to represent the family name in the town. On the 24th day of April, 1850, Dwight Taylor was united in marriage with Aurora M. Eastman. To them has been born but one child, Hattie M., now the wife of Orlin P. Black.

Dwight Taylor was brought up to the occupation of farming, and has followed that during the majority of the years of his life. As such he has been persistent, thrifty and enterprising, and the result has been shown in the steady increase of his means until to-day be is counted as one of the most successful and affluent and influential men of the town and county. As rapidly as the revenues of his farm were received they were promptly invested, and by this means he has enhanced the value of his estate. Farming with him was a pleasure rather than a burden, and he has given it the same close attention and care that the most successful merchant bestows upon his business. In the affairs of the town, too, has Mr. Taylor taken an active part; and in office his course has been characterized by the same spirit of straightforward honesty and economy that has made his business life a marked success; but he has not been, by any means, an office-seeking politician, for the offices be has held, and the other various trusts that have been put upon him, have not been of his asking, but rather against his inclination; and he has yielded to the entreaties of his friends, feeling it a duty that he perform some service for his town and people as well as for himself. Mr. Taylor is a leading member of the Congregational Church of Rupert, and of his means liberally contributes to the support and maintenance of that society, and the good work in which it is engaged.

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