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ABBOTT, LYMAN FREDERICK was born at Holden, Worcester county, Mass., on the 13th day of January, 1839, and was the youngest of eight children born to Asa and Sarah (Morse) Abbott The father was a farmer by occupation at Holden. When Lyman was about nine years old the family moved to Worcester, Mass., at which place at the age of fourteen years the young son was put at work as a clerk, and was thus employed about two years, when the family again changed place of residence, this time moving to Bennington. Here Lyman entered the factory of his brother in-law, Henry E. Bradford, working in various departments, and by diligent application becoming acquained with the business in every detail.

The faithful services rendered by young Abbott were not left unrewarded by his employer, for in 1863 he was taken into the firm, and upon the occasion of the death of Mr. Bradford in April, 1878 Mr. Abbott became the senior partner in the business, while the Sons of the deceased manufacturer represented the interest of their father, but never disturbed the old firm name of H. E. Bradford & Co., it being too well and favorably known in business circles to be thrown aside by the successors in the factory.

Upon the death of Mr. Bradford our subject practically succeeded to the management of the extensive business of the firm as it then existed; this business was exceedingly large, but under the charge of Mr. Abbott and his associates it lost nothing of its magnitude. and the new firm is still one of the leaders in the vicinity in the manufacture of knit goods. While this manufacture has received from Mr. Abbott close attention and care, he has not been so fully engaged by it as to prevent him from taking part in the various enterprises looking to the welfare and improvement of his town and its people, and once do we find him in the political arena, though against his every inclination, and only to gratify the wishes of his personal friends and party followers. In the fail of i 88o he consented to become the Republican nominee for representative in the State Legislature. He was elected by a large majority, although the town is so equally divided as to require that each party put forth its strongest candidate.

Mr. Abbott is a member of the Bennington Historical Society, and as such has been elected by that body to membership in the Battle Monument Association, the object of which is well known to every resident of the county. Also be has been connected with the First National Bank of Bennington since 1879 as director and vice-president. On the 20th day of May, 1868 Lyman F. Abbott was married to Laura Tirza Hancock, the daughter of Frederick Hancock, of Bennington Of this marriage two children have been born, both of whom are now living. Mr. Abbott is to-day numbered among the substantial business men of the town of Bennington, having the companionship of a large circle of friends, and enjoying the reputation of entire honesty in business transactions, generosity in all good causes, and a citizen whose moral character is above suspicion.

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