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ANDREW KAUL was born July 15, 1845, at St. Mary's, and was educated in the common schools of the village. During his school days he assisted in the work of cultivating the homestead farm, and so continued until 1862, when he entered the employ of John Brooks as woodsman. During the following year he worked for Joseph Lanzel and Peter Kleixner, who were getting out square timber on the Sinnemahoning. In 1864 he and Mr Lanzel took a contract to supply square timber to Col. Noyes and Simon Cameron, which contract they completed successfully, by delivering their rafts at Marietta, Penn. This partnership was continued, following up the first by a second contract, to cut and peel pine logs for Mr. Bryan of Philadelphia. This necessitated the employment of a number of men, and proved very successful. In 1865 their operations were transferred to West Creek, where they were the pioneers of the woods. Their contract was with Herdick, Lentz & White of Williamsport. The West Creek Manufacturing & Mining Company contracted with them, in 1866, to stock their mills, where Beechwood village now stands. This contract was filled in the spring of 1867, and the partnership with Mr. Lanzel then ended. Mr. Kaul now contracted to stock the above named mills, employing a force of sixty men, and completed the second contract with the West Creek Company in the spring of 1868, being the most successful, financially, of the contracts up to that date. In 1868 he returned to St Mary's, and purchased pine lands east of here, from Sebastian Weis, of York. Penn., and from Benzinger & Eschbach and others. During the summer, he built his first mill on the head of Iron run, being the second in the district. This mill he stocked and operated for about eight years, when the building was torn down and the machinery removed. In 1872 he built the Summit Mills, one and a half miles east of St. Mary's, which are still in existence. In 1873 he bought from John Brooks the Sterling Run Mills, also a large tract of timber, in which purchase George Walker, Joseph Lanzel, Charles Kronewetter and the Konley Brothers were interested, the company taking the title of Kaul, Walker & Co. They operated the mill for five years, when the firm dissolved, Mr. Kaul purchasing the interests of his partners. He continued to operate this mill until 1884, when the great bush fire swept away this industry. The Benezette Mills were bought from the Kronewetter Brothers, in 1875 or 1876; these he sold, in 1884, to Thomas Tosier. The Spring Run Mills were erected in 1880 for Mr. Kaul, but they were destroyed in the great fire of 1884, together with a large quantity of lumber and camp buildings. In 1871 Mr. Kaul and J. K. P. Hall entered into partnership for the purpose of investing in pine lands, and in the same year Mr. Kaul visited Wisconsin, with the object of purchasing pine lands, and did buy a large tract, but sold it several years afterward to Brown, Early & Co. This was the beginning of the partnership which was reafflrmed by the Hall, Kaul & Co. partnership of 1876. In 1880 Mr. Kaul and J. W. Gaskil of Philadelphia entered into partnership and purchased the 7,500 acres on West creek, together with the West Creek Manufacturing & Mining Company's mills at Beechwood. A year later J. K. P. Hall purchased Mr. Gaskil's interest, and this partnership has continued down to the present time. They, with Mr. C. R. Kline, are the present owners of this industry. Mr. Kaul was married November 14, 1865, to Miss Walburga Lanzel, a daughter of Michael and Catherine Lanzel. Mrs. Kaul was born near St. Mary's, April 25, 1847, and received her education here. The children of this marriage are John L., born October 3, 1866 (he is now secretary and treasurer of the Sample Lumber Company of Alabama); Andrew, born February 2, 1868 (now employed as bookkeeper at the St. Mary's Tannery); William, born June 9, 1870 (a student at Georgetown College, D. C.); Joseph, born March 6, 1872 (also attends this college); Edward, born February 3, 1874 (attending the St. Mary's schools); Frank, born January 26, 1876; Julia, born March 6, 1878 (a student in St. Mary's convent); Josephine, born March 23, 1880 (also attending the convent schools); Bertha, born June 30, 1882; George, born March 3. 1886, died March 12, 1886; James H., born June 16, 1887. Men speak of a country as one of illimitable possibilities, but in this instance, we learn something of the possibilities of the individual. Mr. Kaul, a native pioneer of Elk county, grew up among her great forests, strong and healthy like them. His youth was passed in the manner of the times forty years ago. In 1862 he sallied forth from the parental roof to hew out a trail to independence. How closely he followed that trail is measured by his repeated successes. Throughout the pages of local history of Elk and Cameron counties, his name appears at short intervals as the supporter of every project which gave promise of serving the people. In this sketch reference is made to the establishment of his early mills; but to obtain a clearer conception of the great industries of which he is the originator or one of the active agents, the pages of local history must be referred to. Of everything constituting the highest citizenship, social and business morality and enterprise, he is the possessor, and in the exercise of those gifts he radiates good all round.

History of the Counties of
McKean, Elk, Cameron and Potter, Pennsylvania
J. H. Beers & Co. Publishers
Chicago, Ill. 1890

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