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Robert Campbell Anderson was born in Campbell county, Virginia, March 16, 1823. He graduated in 1843 with first honors from Hampden Sidney College, and in 1847 from Union Theological Seminary, New York, also licensed the same year by the Presbytery of Hanover. Staying a short time at Appomatox Court House Church, he moved to Henry county, and in 1854 organized the first Presbyterian church in the county, now the Martinaville Anderson Memorial church, with three members. He was connected with this church for forty years. He built Cedar Chapel near his home and about the Civil War period, he erected another at Ridgeways but all later became centered in the Martinsville organization.

In March 1895, the people of Martinsville held a union meeting of prayer at the Christian church. Mr. Anderson was to close his pastorate of his church (the Presbyterian) the first of April, and had been so faithful, and had lived such an exemplary life, and so full of faith In God's abiding love that it touched the hearts of all members of the churches and every one united in paying him due respect. Many tributes were paid him and at the close of the services the entire congregation united in singing: "Blessed be the tie that binds."

He was a man of good natural capacity, highly educated and a great theologian and his sermons were imbued with the evangelistic spirit.

Faith was his favorite subject. No man more fully exemplified the power of that faith, "That works by love purified the heart and overcomes the world." Man were believed to have been restored to health throug his prayers. In answer to his prayer for feed for his animals, a neighbor drove up with a load for him. "Ah brother," he exclaimed, "God has sent that in answer to my prayer, and I thank him for it."

On another occasion a fire was sweeping through the heart of the town and every one was aroused to the very highest pitch, but he just went home and begged for aid and Lo the wind changed, and the town was saved!

In this age of commercialism, when the ministers generally know the amount of their yearly Income in advance, it is wonderful to think of the years of services given without money and without price by this man to the people of Henry county. Few hearts equaled this great soul who spoke the word of God for real love, and always appealed to his congregation. "To keep yourselves unspotted from the world."

On Nov. 8, 1899 his spirit took its flight to rest with the God he served so faithfully and trusted so implicitly.

A History of Henry County, Virginia
By: Judith Parks Anerica Hill
Martinsville, Virginia 1925

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