Railway Officials in America 1906

Names Starting with Z


Zehner, John A., Division Engineer Lehigh Valley Rd. Office Wilkesbarre, Pa.

Born Jan. 8, 1862, in West Penn Township, Schuylkill County, Pa. Educated at the Pennsylvania State Normal School 1881, and at Normal University at Lebanon, O., 1885. Entered railway service Dec. 1885, since which he has been consecutively with the Lehigh Valley Rd as follows: To July 1886, draftsman; July 1886 to July 1887, topographer; July 1887 to Aug. 1889, transitman; Aug. 1889 to March 1893, assistant engineer; March 1893 to date, division engineer at Wilkesbarre, Pa.


Zeigler, Ellis B., Trainmaster Lehigh Valley Rd. Office Jersey City, N. J.

Born Nov. 30, 1859. Educated in the common schools. Entered railway service 1876 with the Northern Central Ry as messenger and student of telegraphy, since which he has been consecutively to 1891, telegraph operator, ticket agent, superintendent's clerk, thief train dispatcher and trainmaster with the Pennsylvania Rd. New York Chicago & St. Louis Rd. Norfolk & Western Rd and Louisville St. Louis & Texas Rd.; 1891 to March 1, 1899, chief dispatcher Southern Ry at Knoxville, Tenn.; March 1, 1899 to Nov. 1, 1904, trainmaster Lehigh Valley Rd at Easton, Pa., and Nov. 1, 1904 to date, trainmaster same road at Jersey City, N. J.


Zimmerman, Eugene, President Detroit Toledo & fronton Ry and Ann Arbor Rd. Office Toledo, O.

Born Dec. 17, 1845, at Vicksburg, Miss. Attended school at Gambier and Farmers College and was educated as a civil engineer. Entered railway service 1878 as assistant engineer on construction Cincinnati & Green River Rd.; in 1881 was superintendent and chief engineer Kentucky & South Atlantic Ry; in 1883, president and chief engineer Chesapeake & Nashville Rd; in 1888, became president Dayton Fort Wayne & Chicago Ry; June 1892 to July 8, 1904. vice-president Cincinnati Hamilton & Dayton Ry; July 8, 1904 to Oct. 1905, president same road; May 3, 1905 to Oct. 1905, also chairman board of directors Pere Marquette Rd; Nov. 23, 1905 to date, president Detroit Toledo & Iroriton Ry and Ann Arbor Rd.


Zimmerman, Fred, Assistant General Freight Agent Michigan Central Rd. Office Chicago, Ill.

Born July 26, 1866, at Portland, Me. Graduated from the public schools at Chicago June 1882. Entered railway service 1882, since which he has been consecutively to Oct. 1883, office boy and clerk with the Green, Kankakee, Chicago & Louisville Southern and Southern Despatch Past Freight Lines; Oct. 1883 to April 1887, clerk Chicago & Ohio River Pool; April 1887 to Feb. 1890, rate and tariff clerk general freight department Louisville New Albany & Chicago Ry at Chicago, Ill.; Feb. 1890 to April 1897, tariff and percentage clerk general freight department Michigan Central Rd at Chicago, Ill., and Detroit, Mich.; April 1897 to Oct. 1, 1899, chief clerk same department at Detroit; Oct. 1, 1899 to July 1, 1900. assistant general freight agent at Buffalo, N. Y.; July 1, 1900 to date, assistant general freight agent same road at Chicago.


Zinck, Karl J. C., Division Engineer Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Ry. Office Des Moines, Ia.

Born Feb. 25, 1870. Educated at Allegheny College 1885 to 1889. Entered railway service Aug. 1, 1891, since which he has been consecutively to Dec. 11, 1891, rodman Pittsburg Shenango & Lake Erie Rd; Dec. 11, 1891 to Sept. 1, 1897, draftsman and assistant in engineer corps Pennsylvania Lines West of Pittsburg; Sept. 1, 1897 to March 10, 1899, draftsman and assistant supervisor Pittsburg & Lake Erie Rd; March 10, 1899 to Feb. 1, 1901, acting division engineer Wisconsin division Chicago & Northwestern Ry; Feb. 1, 1901 to March 1, 1902, chief draftsman Oregon Short Line; March 15, 1902 to Feb. 1, 1903, assistant engineer Great Northern Ry; Feb. 1, 1903 to date, division engineer Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Ry at Des Moines, Ia. Before entering railway service was in mechanical department Stearns Manufacturing Co. at Erie, Pa.


Zinn, Aaron Stanton, Assistant Engineer Chicago & Western Indiana Rd., Office Chicago, Ill.

Born Aug. 26, 1866, at Logansport, Ind, Graduated from Logansport high school 1884, and completed junior year in civil engineering course at Rose Polytechnic Institute at Terre Haute, Ind., spring of 1887. Entered railway service 1887, since which he has been consecutively to 1889, draftsman Illinois Central Rd at Du-. buque, Ia.; 1889 to 1890, on railroad location in Black Hills, S. D.; 1890 to 1892, chief draftsman Elgin Joliet & Eastern Ry at Joliet, Ill.; 1892 to 1895, county surveyor of Will County, Illinois; one year assistant engineer maintenance of way Terre Haute & Indianapolis Rd.; 5½ years assistant to chief engineer same road; two years assistant engineer Chicago & Western Indiana Rd.; six months division engineer Chicago Bock Island & Pacific Ry; one year principal assistant engineer same road, and July 22, 1905 to Oct. 1905, division engineer same road at Oklahoma City, Okia.; Oct. 1905 to date, assistant engineer Chicago & Western Indiana Rd.


Zion, Alonzo A., Superintendent Indianapolis Union Ry. Office Indianapolis, Ind.

Born July 23, 1846, at Lebanon, Ind. Entered railway service 1859, since which he has been consecutively to 1863, telegraph operator Lafayette & Indianapolis Rd; 1863 to 1864, operator United States Military Telegraph Co.; 1864 to 1874, agent Lafayette & Indianapolis Rd at Lebanon, Ind.; 1874 to 1877, freight agent Cincinnati Indianapolis St. Louis & Chicago Ry at Indianapolis, Ind.; 1877 to 1882, chief train dispatcher Indianapolis Belt Rd; 1882 to March 1894, master of transportation Indianapolis Union Ry; March 1894 to date, superintendent same road.


Zippel, Gustavus E., General Baggage Agent Delaware Lackawanna & Western Rd. Office Hoboken, N. J.

Born Jan. 3, 1858, at New York, N. Y. Entered service Delaware Lackawanna & Western Express Co. in 1874, and remained with that company until May 1, 1883, when he was appointed general baggage agent Delaware Lackawanna & Western Rd.


Zollinger, L. R., Engineer Maintenance of Way Pennsylvania Rd. Office Philadelphia, Pa.

Graduated from Lehigh University. Entered railway service 1889 as rodman in assistant engineer's office Pennsylvania Rd at Harrisburg, Pa., since which he has been consecutively Feb. to June 1891, transitman at Altooria, Pa.; June 1891 to 1895, assistant to the assistant engineer Philadelphia division; 1895 to 1898, assistant supervisor; 1898 to May 1902, successively supervisor Norristown-Schuylkill division and Philadelphia division; May 1902 to Nov. 1903, assistant to principal assistant engineer Pennsylvania Rd division at Altoona, Pa.; Nov. 1903 to March 1905, principal assistant engineer same division; March 1905 to date, engineer maintenance of way at Philadelphia; entire service with the Pennsylvania Rd.


Zook, Francis Kurtz, Chief Engineer California Northwestern Ry. Office San Francisco, Cal.

Born April 28, 1853, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Graduated from the Polytechnic College of Pennsylvania with degree of C. E. 1871. Entered railway service Aug. 25, 1871, since, which he has been consecutively to Nov. 1, 1872, rodman and leveler Painesville & Youngstown Rd; Nov. 1, 1872 to Nov. 10, 1873, assistant engineer same road; Oct. 4, 1874 to Feb. 1, 1875, on surveys for water supply of city of San Francisco, Cal.; March 29 to Oct. 1, 1875, assistant engineer Sonoma & Marin Rd.; Oct. 1, 1875 to Aug. 15, 1876, chief engineer same road.; Aug. 15, 1876 to Feb. 1, 1897. chief engineer San Francisco & North Pacific Ry; June 1, 1881 to Feb. 1, 1882. also chief engineer San Luis Obispo & Santa Maria Valley Rd; Feb. 1, 1897 to Sept. 20, 1898, chief engineer and assistant superintendent San Francisco & North Pacific Ry; Sept. 20, 1898 to April 10, 1903, superintendent and chief engineer California Northewestern Ry; April 10, 1903 to May 26, 1904, general superintendent and chief engineer same road; May 26, 1904 to date, chief engineer same road.

The Biographical Directory of
the Railway Officials of America
Edition of 1906
Edited and compiled by T. Addison Busbey
Associate Editor The Railway Age.
Chicago 1906