Railway Officials in America 1906

Names Starting with U


Uhler, William D., Ex-General Manager Queen Anne's Rd.

Born Nov. 8, 1872. Graduated from high school at Easton, Pa., 1889. Entered railway service 1890 as rodman Lehigh Valley Rd, since which he has been consecutively to March 10. 1893, topographer and transitman same road; March 10 to Sept. 15, 1893, assistant engineer Baltimore & Lehigh Rd; Sept. 15, 1893 to Jan. 1. 1894, assistant engineer Genesee & Wyoming Valley Rd; Jan. 1, 1894 to Jan. 1, 1898, assistant engineer Queen Anne's Rd; Jan. 1, 1898 to April 1, 1899, in coal and lumber business at Denton, Md.; April 1, 1899 to Nov. 1902, general freight and passenger agent Queen Anne's Rd; appointed general manager same road Nov. 1902.


Uhlman, Fred C., Auditor and Cashier St. Joseph & Grand Island Ry. Office St. Joseph, Mo.

Born April 28, 1868, at St. Joseph, Mo. Entered railway service 1887 as messenger Fansas City St. Joseph & Council Bluffs Rd, since which he has been consecutively to Feb. 1892, in local freight offices Missouri Pacific Ry, Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Ry and St. Joseph Terminal Rd at St. Joseph, Mo., and in local freight office Chicago Burlington & Quiney Rd at Kansas City, Mo.; Feb. 1892 to 1895, clerk auditor's office St. Joseph & Grand Island Ry; 1895 to Nov. 1, 1902, chief clerk same office; Nov. 1, 1902 to date, auditor and cashier same road and St. Joseph Terminal Rd.


Underhill, Nelson, Secretary Colorado Railway Associations. Office Denver, Colo.

Born July 4, 1852, at Eagle, Wis. Educated in the public and high school at Waukesha, Wis. Entered railway service Sept. 1871, since which he has been consecutively to Jan. 1, 1874, clerk local freight office Chicago & Northwestern Ry at Chicago, Ill.; Jan. 1, 1874 to July 1, 1877, chief clerk freight received department same office: July 1, 1877 to Jan. 1, 1880, chief clerk local freight office at Council Bluffs, Ia.; Jan. 1, 1880 to April 1, 1885, chief clerk local freight office same road at Chicago; April 1, 1885 to Jan. 1, 1890, statistical clerk Colorado Railway Associations at Denver, Colo. Jan. 1, 1890 to date, chief clerk and secretary same associations.


Underwood, Frederick D., President Erie Rd. Office 21 Cortlandt Street, New York, N. Y.

Entered the service of the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry Sept. 1870, and was in its employ until June 1886, serving in the several capacities of clerk, brakeman, foreman of elevators, conductor, yardmaster, assistant division superin- tendent and superintendent. In June 1886 was appointed general superintendent in charge of construction of the Minneapolis & Pacific Ry and in Sept. of the same year general manager. Upon the consolidation of the Minneapolis' & Pacific Ry with the Minneapolis Sault Ste. Marie & Atlantic Ry, under the name of the Minneapolis St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Ry, he was, made general manager of the consolidated lines, which position he vacated in Jan. 1899 to enter the service of the Baltimore & Ohio Rd as general manager. In June 1899 was elected second vice-president of the same road, which position he occupied until May 1901, when he was elected president of the Erie Rd and its allied lines.


Underwood, Joseph, Master Mechanic Cincinnati Georgetown & Portsmouth Rd. Office Cincinnati, O.

Born Aug. 6, 1845, near Cincinnati, O. Entered railway service 1865, since which he has been consecutively to 1868, apprentice in car shops Cincinnati Lafayette & Chicago Ry; 1868 to 1873, assistant foreman car department same road; 1873 to 1878, car builder Pennsylvania Co. at Pendleton shops Little Miami division; 1878 to 1890, general foreman same shops; 1890 to Jan. 1, 1895, in charge of car department Cincinnati Lebanon & Northern Ry; Jan. 1, 1895 to date, successively master mechanic same road and Cincinnati Georgetown & Portsmouth Rd.


Underwood, William H., Assistant General Passenger Agent Michigan Central Rd. Office Chicago, Ill.

Born. May 6, 1858, at Rochester, N. Y. Entered railway service 1874, since which he has been consecutively March 15, 1874 to May 1, 1876, clerk in office assistant general superintendent Michigan Central Rd; May 1, 1876, toJuly 1, 1878, clerk city ticket office Canada Southern Ry at Detroit, Mich.; July 1, 1878 to April 15, 1883, city passenger and ticket agent Wabash Ry at Detroit, Mich.; April 15, 1883 to April 1, 1887, western passenger agent Michigan Central Rd at Chicago, Oll.; April 1, 1887 to April 1, 1905, general eastern passenger agent at Buffalo, N. Y.; April 1, 1905 to date, assistant general passenger agent same road at Chicago.


Underwood, William Jackson, General Manager Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. Office Chicago, Ill.

Born April 19, 1852, at Milwaukee, Wis. Entered railway service Oct. 1872, since which he has been consecutively to 1874, brakeman, and 1874 to Jan. 1884, conductor Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry; Jan. 1884 to 1894, division superintendent same road at St. Paul, Minn.; 1894 to Feb. 1900, assistant general superintendent; Feb. 1900 to Dec. 11, 1900, general superintendent; Dec. 11, 1900 to Dec. 1, 1905, assistant general manager same road; Dec. 1, 1905 to date. general manager same road.


Urquhart, David, Superintendent Dining Car Service Southern Pacific Co. Office San Francisco, Cal.

Born Dec. 26, 1858. Graduated from Harvard University, class of 1879. Entered railway service 1894 as assistant to superintendent dining car service Southern Pacific Co., and has been superintendent dining car service same company since 1895.


Usher, Edward Preston, President Grafton & Upton Rd. Office Grafton, Mass.

Born Nov. 19, 1851, at Lynn, Mass. Graduate of Harvard University. Entered railway service 1887 as president Grafton & Upton Rd, which position he still holds.


Usner, E. D., Secretary and Treasurer Toledo Peoria & Western Ry. Office Peoria, Ill.

Born in 1843 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Entered railway service 1866, since which he has been consecutively 1866 to Jan. 1868, in local office St. Louis Alton & Terre Haute Rd, Belleville, Ill.; Jan. 1868 to Aug. 1869, in cashier's office Indianapolis & St. Louis Ry, St. Louis, Mo.; Aug. 1869 to April 1879. teller and cashier in People's Bank, Belleville, Ill.; May 1879 to Feb. 1820, in local freight office St. Louis Bridge Co.; Feb. 1880 to June 1885, paymaster St. Louis Alton & Terre Haute Rd.; June 1885 to July 1. 1887, auditor Toledo Peoria & Western Ry; July 1, 1887 to Dec. 1, 1904, auditor and secretary same road; Dec. 1, 1904 to date, secretary and treasurer same road.


Ussher, Charles E. E., General Passenger Agent Lines East of Lake Superior Canadian Pacific Ry. Office Montreal, Que.

Born Dec. 29, 1857, at Niagara Falls, Ont. Entered railway service 1874 as clerk in auditor's office Great Western Ry, since which he has been consecutively May 1876 to June 1880 clerk general passenger department same road; June 1880 to April 1883, chief ticket clerk Wabash St. Louis & PacIfic Ry; April 1883 to Nov. 1883, rate clerk Chicago & Atlantic Rd; Nov. 1883 to Nov. 1886, in commercial business at Hamilton, Ont.; Nov. 1886 to May 1889, chief ticket clerk Canadian Pacific Ry; May 1889 to Jan. 1, 1898, assistant general passenger agent; Jan. 1, 1898 to date, general passenger agent eastern lines same road.


Ustick, Foskit H., Division Superintendent Chicago Burlington & Quincy Ry. Office Brookfield, Mo.

Born April 1858 in Iowa. Educated at Hannibal, Mo. Entered railway service 1879 as brakeman Hannibal & St. Joseph Rd., a part of the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Ry System, since which he has been consecutively to June 1902, freight and passenger conductor and general yardmaster; June 1902 to Dee. 1904, superintendent terminals at St. Louis, Mo.; Dec. 1904 to date, division superintendent at Brookfield, Mo.


Utley, Edward H., Vice-President arid General Manager Bessemer & Lake Erie Rd. Office Pittsburg, Pa.

Born March 18, 1850, at Wadsworth, O. Educated in the public schools in Wisconsin. Entered railway service 1867 as station agent Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry at Granville, Wis., since which he has been consecutively to June 1869, station agent same road at Randloph, Wis.; June 1869 to Nov. 1873, with Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph Co. as operator at Philadelphia and Pittsburg: Nov. 1873 to June 1875, operator in superintendent's office Chicago division Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul. Ry; June 1875 to 1877, with president Allegheny Valley Rd as operator and clerk; 1877 to April 1, 1880, secretary same road; April 1, 1880 to June 1, 1889, general freight agent, and July 1, 1880 to June 1, 1889, also general passenger agent same road; June 1, 1889 to 1891, general freight agent Carnegie Steel Co., Ltd., at Pittsburg, Pa.; June 1, 1889 to June 1, 1897, with sales department same company; June 1, 1897 to June 15, 1901, general freight and passenger agent Pittsburg Bessemer & Lake Erie Rd.; June 15, 1901 to Jan. 15, 1904, general manager Bessemer & Lake Erie Rd; Jan. 15, 1904 to date, vice-president and general manager same road.

The Biographical Directory of
the Railway Officials of America
Edition of 1906
Edited and compiled by T. Addison Busbey
Associate Editor The Railway Age.
Chicago 1906