Railway Officials in America 1906

Names Starting with Q


Quackenbush, A. W., Master Mechanic Quiney Omaha & Kansas City Rd. Office Milan, Mo.

Born Feb. 1, 1845, at Paterson, N. J. Entered railway service April 1862, since which he has been consecutively to 1869, machinist apprentice Hudson River Rd at Greenbush, N. Y.; 1869 to 1871, locomotive engineer same road, and also Rondout & Oswego Rd; Dec. 1871 to Oct. 1873, foreman machine shops Rondout & Oswego Rd at Rondout, N. Y.; Oct. 1873 to March 1, 1874, master mechanic same road; March 1, 1874, to Aug. 1, 1874, master mechanic Rhinebeck & Connecticut Rd; Aug. 1, 1874, to June 1878, master mechanic same road, and also Ulster & Delaware Rd (both being under same control); June 1878 to 1880, master mechanic Eel River and Logansport Indiana & Southwestern Rds; 1880 to 1884, master mechanic Detroit division Wabash St. Louis & Pacific Ry; 1884 to Nov. 1886, in charge Indianapolis and Detroit divisions, and Nov. 1886 to Jan. 11, 1887, master mechanic Western division same road; Jan. 1887 to July 1889, general master mechanic Wabash Western 3d; July 1889 to Dec. 1, 1892, superintendent machinery Chicago & Alton Rd; July 1892 to Oct. 1, 1899, superintendent motive power and rolling stock St. Louis Cape Girardeau & Port Smith Ry at Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Oct. 1, 1899, to date, superintendent motive power and rolling stock Omaha Kansas City & Eastern, Omaha & St. Louis and Kansas City & Northern Connecting Rds, and master mechanic of their successor, the Quincy Omaha & Kansas City Rd.


Quarles, Charles H., Auditor of Passenger Traffic Philadelphia & Reading Ry. Office Philadelphia, Pa.

Born Jan. 5, 1848, at Richmond, Va. Entered railway service 1870, since wnlch he has been consecutively to 1873, clerk accounting department Philadelphia & Reading Rd; 1873 to 1888, chief clerk to secretary, and 1888 to 1890, assistant secretary same road; Oct. 1890 to date, auditor passenger traffic same road and Atlantic City Rd.


Quarrier, Cushman, Ex Comptroller Louisville & Nashville Rd. Address Louisville, Ky.

Born May 7, 1839, at Charleston, Kanawha County, Va. Entered railway service Oct. 4, 1859, since which he has been consecutively to Oct. 1, 1862, bookkeeper and accountant mechanical and road departments Louisville & Nashville Rd; Oct. 1, 1862, to Oct. 1, 1865, cashier in addition to above duties; Oct. 1, 1865, to May 1, 1873, cashier and paymaster; May 1, 1873, to March 1, 1880, comptroller of disbursements, and March 1, 1880, to June 1, 1901, comptroller of revenue department in addition to disbursements; entire service with the Louisville & Nashville Rd.


Quayle, Robert, Superintendent Motive Power and Machinery Chicago & Northwestern Ry. Office Chicago, Ill.

Entered railway service 1871 as machinist apprentice Chicago & Northwestern Ry, since which he has been consecutively to June 1885, journeyman machinist, gang boss and foreman; June 1885 to Dec. 1, 1894, master mechanic; Dec. 1, 1894, to date, superintendent motive power and machinery same road.


Quick, J. Edward, General Baggage Agent Grand Trunk Ry System. orfice Toronto, Ont.

Born July 10, 1851, at Richmond, Ontario County. N. Y. Entered railway service 1871, since which he has been consecutively to 1874, baggagemaster and supply clerk Port Huron & Lake Michigan Ry, now the Chicago & Grand Trunk Ry; 1874 to 1876, general baggage agent and ticket clerk same road; 1876 to 1884, agent at Port Huron, Mich., and general baggage agent Chicago & Grand Trunk Ry; 1884 to April 15, 1896, general baggage agent same road and Detroit Grand Haven & Milwaukee Ry; April 15, 1896, to date, general baggage agent Grand Trunk Ry System; has been secretary of the American Association of General Baggage Agents since 1885.


Quigg, William H., Assistant General Freight Agent New Orleans & Northeastern Rd, Alabama & Vicksburg Ry and Vicksburg Shreveport & Pacific Ry. Office New Orleans, La.

Born Oct. 8, 1862, at Houston, Tex. Entered railway service 1879 as rodman Galveston Harrisburg & San Antonio Ry, since which he has been consecutively Nov. 1880 to Jan. 1882, in train service Texas & New Orleans and Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe Rys; Jan. 1882 to Sept. 1884. out of service; Sept. 1884 to July 1885, clerk general passenger office Queen & Crescent Route at Cincinnati, O.; Aug. 1885 to Oct. 1888, clerk and chief clerk and assistant agent joint local freight office Texas & Pacific Ry, Missouri Kansas & Texas Ry and Fort Worth & Denver City Ry at Fort Worth, Tex.; Oct. 1888 to June 1890, commercial agent Texas & Pacific Ry at Fort Worth, Tex.; June 1890 to Oct. 1892, commercial agent Missouri Kansas & Texas Ry at Dallas and Fort Worth; Oct. 1892 to Dec. 1893, traveling freight agent St. Louis Southwestern Ry at Tyler, Tex.; Dee. 1893 to April 1895, assistant general freight agent same road at Fort Worth and Tyler, Tex.; April 1895 to July 15, 1896, general eastern freight and passenger agent at Pittsburg, Pa.; July 15, 1896, to March 1901, division freight agent same road at Little Rock, Ark.; May 1901 to July 1901, joint agent Texas & Pacific Ry and St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Ry at Texarkana, Tex.; July 1901 to March 1903, general freight and passenger agent Arkansas Southern Ry; March 1903 to June 1905, local freight agent Vicksburg Shreveport & Pacific Ry at Shreveport, La.; June 1905 to date, assistant general freight agent New Orleans & Northeastern Rd, Alabama & Vicksburg Ry and Vicksburg Shreveport & Pacific Ry.


Quigly, Rue Stanton, Superintendent Hocking Valley Ry. Office Columbus, O.

Born March 24, 1865, at Marion, O. Educated in the graded and high schools of Marion. Entered railway service Nov. 1881, since which he has been consecutively to July 1883, telegraph operator, train dispatcher's copier and car distributor Cleveland Columbus Cincinnati & Indianapolis Ry; July 1883 to Aug. 1890, train dispatcher same road; Aug. 1890 to March 1891, train dispatcher Cleveland Lorain & Wheeling Ry; March to Aug. 1891, train dispatcher Chicago & Eastern Illinois Bd; Aug. 1891 to April 1892, chief train dispatcher same road; May 1892 to May 1896, trainmaster Hocking division Columbus Hocking Valicy & Toledo Ry; May 1896 to Sept. 1901, trainmaster Hocking Valley Ry, successor to the Columbus Hocking Valley & Toledo Ry; Sept. 1901 to date, superintendent same road.


Quill, Daniel, Assistant to General Manager Texas Midland Rd. Office Terreli, Tex.

Born Dec. 24, 1865, at Cork, Ireland. Educated in private and public schools, at Twenty-third Street College, New York, at Notre Dame University, Indiana, and at commercial colleges. Entered railway service 1884 as receiving freight clerk Southern Pacific Co. at Houston, Tex., since which he has been consecutively 1885 to 1887, baggageman, brakeman and timekeeper Houston & Texas Central Rd; 1888, stenographer and clerk to superintendent Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe Ry; 1889, secretary to general manager same road; 1890, claim clerk general freight office Mexican National Rd; 1891, secretary to vice-president and general manager Louisiana Jetty & Lighterage Co. at Tampico; 1892 to 1893, secretary to general freight agent San Antonio & Aransas Pass Ry; 1893 to 1895, secretary to general freight agent same road; 1895, secretary to general manager same road; 1896, contracting freight agent same road; 1897 to Nov. 4, 1901, secretary to president and general manager Texas Midland Rd; Nov. 4, 1901, to May 1902, chief clerk same office; May 1902 to June 1903, acting assistant to general manager same road; June 1903 to date, assistant to general manager same road.


Quimby, Asahel B., Master Mechanic Chicago & Northwestern Ry. Office Eagle Grove, Ia.

Born Sept. 26, 1854, near Concord, N. H. Graduated from Concord high school 1871. Entered railway service 1875 as machinist Concord Rd; left New Hampshire in July 1879 and located in Minnesota. Entered service Chicago & Northwestern Ry 1880, since which he has been consecutively to Feb. 1, 1891, machinist at Winona, Minn.; Feb. 1, 1891, to July 1, 1895, master mechanic Winona & Southwestern Ry; July 1, 1895, to Nov. 10, 1897, machinist Chicago & Northwestern Ry; Nov. 10, 1897, to April 20, 1899. shop foreman same road at Tracy, Minn.; April 20 to Aug. 1. 1899, general foreman at Winona; Aug. 1, 1899, to June 1901, division foreman same road at Huron, S. D.; June 1901 to date, successively, assistant master mechanic at Chicago, Ill., and master mechanic same road at Eagle Grove, Ia.


Quimby, Charles H., Jr., Resident Engineer New York West Chester & Boston Ry. Office Mount Vernon, N. Y.

Born Jan. 22, 1877, at Wheeling, W. Va. Graduated from West Virginia University 1899. Entered railway service 1899 as levelman on surveys Baltimore & Ohio Rd. since which he has been consecutively March 1, 1900, to Sept. 1, 1901, transitman in charge of construction Hackers Run Branch and reconstruction of bridges between Grafton and Beling-. ton, W. Va., same road; Sept. 1, 1901, to Jan. 1, 1903, resident engineer on construction second track; June 1, 1903, to Jan. 1, 1904, resident engineer on construction yards and shops same road at Connellsville, Pa.; Jan. 1, 1904, to June 15, 1905, resident engineer on construction third and fourth tracks same road Wheeling Junction to McKeesport, Pa.; June 15, 1905, to date, resident engineer on construction New York West Chester & Boston Ry.


Quimby, Flavius W., Trainmaster Chicago Indianapolis & Louisville Ry. Office Lafayette, Ind.

Born Sept. 8, 1847, at Manchester, N. H. He was educated at the Appleton Academy at New Ipswich, N. H. Entered railway service 1863 as locomotive fireman Concord lid, since which he has been consecutively locomotive fireman and engineer Chicago & Northwestern Ry; engineer Illinois Central Rd; foreman engine house; trainmaster; assistant division superintendent; and to Jan. 1, 1895, division superintendent same road at Dubuque, Ia.; Jan. 1, 1895, to Jan. 1897, out of service; Jan. 1897 to date, trainmaster Chicago Indianapolis & Louisville Ry.


Quinn, W. E., Purchasing Agent Louisiana Ry & Navigation Co. Office Shreveport, La.

Born Sept. 26, 1865, at Graniteville, S. C. Educated at the Richmond Military Academy. Entered railway service 1887, since which he has been consecutively to 1890, chief clerk to general manager and paymaster Eutawville Rd, afterwards changed to Charleston Sumter & Northern Rd, now a part of the Atlantic Coast Line; 1890 to 1892, engaged in contracting business; April 1892 to April 18, 1899, storekeeper Alabama Mineral division Louisville & Nashville Rd; April 20, 1899, to Oct. 1, 1902, superintendent and paymaster Shreveport & Red River Valley Rd, now the Louisiana Ry & Navigation Co.; Oct. 1, 1902, to March 1, 1904, paymaster and acting purchasing agent same road; March 1, 1904, to date, purchasing agent same road.

The Biographical Directory of
the Railway Officials of America
Edition of 1906
Edited and compiled by T. Addison Busbey
Associate Editor The Railway Age.
Chicago 1906