Railway Officials in America 1906

Surname Davis


Davis, Charles H., Auditor Chicago & Alton Ry. Office Chicago, Ill.

Born 1852 at London, England. Graduated from Dulwick College. In 1873 entered service of Price, Waterhouse & Co., public accountants at London, England, in whose service he was employed auditing the accounts of sundry English and foreign railroad companies, and under whose direction he held the position of secretary of one of the leased lines of the Great Western Ry of England; 1883, was appointed bookkeeper Cincinnati New Orleans & Texas Pacific Ry at Cincinnati, O., and soon thereafter was made general bookkeeper of the Queen & Crescent System; 1888 to Jan. 1, 1890, assistant comptroller, and Jan. 1, 1890, to Nov. 1895, comptroller same system; Nov. 1895 to May 15, 1899, auditor for receiver Cincinnati New Orleans & Texas Pacific Ry, that road having been separated from the rest of the lines comprising the Queen & Crescent System; May 15, 1899, to date, auditor Chicago & Alton.


Davis, E. E., Superintendent Motive Power Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburg Ry. Office Dubois, Pa.

Entered railway service with the Boston & Maine, and was subsequently for six years master mechanic of that road; from 1892 to Jan. 1895, was superintendent Boies Steel Wheel Company at Scranton, Pa.; Jan. 1895 to July 1899, assistant superintendent motive power Philadelphia & Reading Rd; July 1889 to May 1903. assistant superintendent motive power and rolling stock New York Central & Hudson River Rd.; May 1903 to Dee. 1904, superintendent Ramapo Iron Works at Hiliburn, N. Y.; Dec. 1904 to date, superintendent motive power Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburg Ry.


Davis, Edward H. Address Norwich, Kan.

Born Sept. 14, 1854, at Boston, Mass. Entered railway service 1875, since which he has been consecutively to Feb. 1878, clerk general superintendent's office Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Rd.; Feb. 1878 to 1883, agent same road at Topeka, Kan.; 1883 to Feb. 1884, out of service; Feb. 1884 to 1885, purchasing agent Sonora Ry; 1885 to Oct. 1, 1887, general freight and passenger agent same road; Oct. 1, 1887, to Feb. 10, 1891, district freight and passenger agent Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Rd at Wichita, Kan.; Feb. 10, 1891, to Feb. 20, 1892, assistant general freight agent same road at Topeka; Feb. 20, 1892, to April 1903, manager Santa Fe Fruit & Refrigerator Line. Is now conducting a ranch at Norwich, Kan..


Davis, Edward M., Division Freight Agent Baltimore & Ohio Rd. Office Baltimore, Md.

Born Dec. 4, 1853, near Carroliton, O. Entered railway service 1872, since which he has been consecutively to 1873, clerk at local station Illinois Central Rd.: 1873 to 1875. clerk Indianapolis & St. Louis Ry; 1876 to 1882, abstract clerk and chief clerk Wabash St. Louis & Pacific Ry at St. Louis, Mo.; 1883 to 1886, traveling freight agent Baltimore & Ohio Rd; 1886 to April 1896,. division, freight agent at Tiffin, O.; April 1896 to Dec. 1, 1898, division freight agent at Clarksburg, W. Va; Dec. 1, 1898, to Sept. 1, 1399, division freight agent at Cumberland, Md.; Sept. 1, 1899, to Jan. 1, 1901, assistant general freight agent; Jan. 1, 1901, to date, division freight agent same road at Baltimore, Md.


Davis, Frank A., Paymaster Great Northern Ry. Office St. Paul, Minn.

Born June 23, 1844, at Copley, O. Entered railway service in 1867, since which he has been consecutively to 1863, switchman Cleveland & Pittsburg and Cleveland Akron & Columbus Rys at Hudson, O.; 1868 to 1869, passenger train brakeman Cleveland Akron & Columbus Ry; 1869 to 1874, clerk in ticket and freight office at Hudson; 1874 to Dec. 1881, clerk in auditor's office same road at Mt. Vernon, O.; Dec. 1881 to March 1882 paymaster same road at Akron, O.; March 1882 to Dec. 1892, clerk in auditor's office Great Northern Ry at St Paul, Minn.; 1892 to date, paymaster same road.


Davis, Frank S., Division Freight Agent Boston & Maine Rd. Office Troy, N. Y.

Born Dec. 13, 1867, at Melrose, Mass. Entered railway service 1888 as checker in freight house Fitchburg Rd at Boston, Mass., since which he has been consecutively clerk local freight office same road at Boston; soliciting freight agent same place; eastbound freight agent at Boston; Western division freight agent same road at Troy, N. Y., and is now division freight agent Boston & Maine Rd at Troy, N. Y.


Davis, Frank V., Division Freight Agent Michigan Central Rd. Office Grand Rapids Mich.

Born May 30, 1852, at Momence, Ill. Entered railway service 1871 as messenger Ohio & Mississippi Rd at Aurora, Ill., since which he has been consecutively Sept. 1, 1871, to March 1, 1873, agent same road at Deputy, Ind.; March 1, 1873, to Oct. 1, 1874, agent Chicago Danville & Vincennes Rd at Milford, Ill.; Oct. 1, 1874, to Nov. 1, 1882, chief clerk in general freight office same road; Nov. 1, 1882, to April 20, 1885, assistant general freight agent Chicago & Eastern Illinois Rd; April 26, 1885, to Dec. 31, 1887, general freight agent; Dec. 31, 1837, to Dec. 31, 1890, freight traffic manager same road; Jan. 1, 1891, to Jan. 1, 1900, general freight agent Chicago & West Michigan Ry and Detroit Lansing & Northern Rd and leased lines; Jan. 1, 1900, to April 30, 1903, general freight agent Pere Marquette Rd at Detroit, Mich.; June 1 to Dec. 31, 1903, general agent Mutual Transit Co. at New York; Jan. 7 to Nov. 30, 1904, freight claim agent Eere Marquette Rd; Nov. 30, 1904, to May 10, 1905, freight claim agent Cincinnati Hamilton & Dayton-Pere Marquette System; May 15, 1905, to date, division freight agent Michigan Central Rd at Grand Rapids, Mich.


Davis, Garrett, District Engineer Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Ry. Office Cedar Rapids, Ia.

Born Aug. 19, 1855, in Scott County, Kentucky. Entered railway service 1874, since which he has been consecutively to 1875, chainman, rodman and assistant engineer on construction Cincinnati Southern Ry; 1876, engaged in railway contracting; 1877 to 1878, resident engineer Burlington Cedar Rapids & Northern Ry; 1878, in master builder's office same road; 1878 to April 1894, roadmaster, and. April 1894 to Jan. 1900, division enginéer at Cedar Rapids, Ia.; Jan. 1900 to Aug. 1, 1902, assistant chief engineer same road; Aug. 1, 1902, to Aug. 22. 1905, principal assistant engineer Northern district Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Ry at Cedar Rapids, Ia.; Aug. 22, 1905, to date, district engineer same road at Cedar Rapids, Ia.


Davis, George W., General Freight Agent Cleveland Akron & Columbus Ry. Office Columbus, O.

Born Dec. 21, 1845, at Baltimore, Md. Entered railway service March 1, 1864, since which he has been consecutively to April 1, 1866, clerk general freight office Little Miami Rd at Cincinnati, O.; April 1, 1866, to Feb. 1, 1869, chief clerk same office; Feb. 1, 1869 to May 25, 1882, freight and ticket agent same road and. Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley Rd at Morrow, O.; May 25, 1882, to July 15, 1885, freight agent Pittsburg Cincinnati & St. Louis Ry at Dayton, O.; July 15, 1885, to Jan. 1, 1886, division freight agent Cincinnati & Muskingurn Valley division Pittsburg Cincinnati & St. Louis Ry at Zanesville, O.; Jan. 1, 1886, to Oct. 15, 1888, general freight and ticket agent Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley Ry; Oct. 15, 1388, to May 1, 1897, division freight agent Richmond and Bradford divisions Pennsylvania Lines at Richmond, Ind.; May 1, 1897, to March 23, 1903, division freight agent Cincinnati division and south end of Richmond division same lines at Cincinnati, O.; March 23, 1903, to date, general freight agent Cleveland Akron & Columbus Ry and commercial agent Pennsylvania Lines at Columbus, O.


Davis, Henry G., President Coal & Coke Ry. Office Elkins, W. Va.

Born Nov. 16, 1823, in Baltimore County, Md. Entered railway service 1843, since which he has been consecutively to 1857, on Baltimore & Ohio Rd as brakeman, conductor, superintendent trains Baltimore and Piedmont, and agent at Piedmont; 1881 to 1902, when road was sold to Western Maryland Rd., president West Virginia Central & Pittsburg Ry; 1902 to date, president Coal & Coke Ry.


Davis, John Marcus, Assistant General Superintendent Great Northern Ry. Office Minot, N. D.

Born Nov. 5, 1871. Entered railway service 1888 as freight brakeman San Antonio & Aransas Pass Ry, since which he has been consecutively Sept. 1890 to Oct. 1894, stenographer to superintendent Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe Ry at Temple, Tex.; Oct. 1894 to Oct. 1895, chief clerk to superintendent Mexican Central Ry at Tampico, Mex.; Oct. 1895 to March 1896, clerk general manager's office Great Northern Ry at Duluth, Minn.; March to Oct. 1896, chief clerk in office of marine superintendent Northern Steamship Co. at Buffalo, N. Y.; Oct. 1896 to March 1897, chief clerk to assistant general superintendent Great Northern Ry at St. Paul, Minn.; March to July 1897, assistant superintendent at Melrose, Minn., and July 1897 to Jan. 1900, superintendent Montana division same road; Jan. 1, 1900, to March 1901, superintendent Erie & Wyoming Valley Ry; March 18, 1901, to Aug. 1, 1902, successiveiy superintendent Union Steamboat Line Erie Rd at Buf falo, N. Y., and superintendent Wyoming and Jefferson divisions same road; Aug. 1, 1902, to April 1903, superintendent Allegheny division same road; May 1, 1903, to Nov. 25, 1904, superintendent Eastern division Great Northern Ry at Superior, Wis.: Nov. 25, 1904, to April 30, 1905, superintendent Dakota division same road; April 30, 1905, to July 1, 1905, superintendent Minot division; July 1, 1905, to date, assistant general superintendent central district same road at Minot, N. D.


Davis, J. R. W., Engineer Maintenance of Way Great Northern Ry. Office St. Paul, Minn.

Born Oct. 26, 1868. Graduated from the Lehigh University 1891. Entered railway service July 1891, since which he has been consecutively to April 1, 1892, rodrnan New York Lake Erie & Western Rd.; April 1 to Dec. 1, 1892, assistant supervisor; Dec. 1. 1892 to Feb. 1, 1898, assistant engineer same road; Feb. 1, 1898, to April 1, 1900, division engineer Chicago & Erie Rd at Huntington, Ind.; April 1, 1900, to Jan. 1901, engineer maintenance of way Erie Rd at Jersey City, N. J.; Jan. I to Nov. 15, 1901, engineer maintenance of way Chicago & Alton Ry at Bloomington, Ill.; Nov. 15, 1901, to Sept. 1, 1903, engineer maintenance of way Erie Rd at Jersey City; Sept. 1, 1903, to date, engineer maintenance of way Great Northern Ry at St. Paul, Minn.


Davis, Milton Joseph, Assistant Master Mechanic Pennsylvania Rd. Office Altoona, Pa.

Born Feb. 21, 1869, at Altoona, Pa. Graduated from Altoona high school 1887. Entered railway service 1887, since which he has been consecutively to 1891, apprentice Pennsylvania Rd.; 1891 to 1895, draftsman; 1895 to 1896, special duty in motive power department; 1896 to June 1903, draftsman; June 1903 to July 1905, motive power inspector; July 1905 to date, assistant master mechanic at Altoona, Pa.; entire service with the Pennsylvania Rd.


Davis, Milton R., Master Mechanic Portland & Rumford Falls Rd. Office Rumford Falls, Me.

Born April 11, 1846, at Poland, Me. Educated in the public schools and graduated from business college in 1866. Entered railway service 1871 as fireman Boston & Maine Rd., since which he has been consecutively Sept. 1874 to Feb. 1877, locomotive engineer same road; Sept. 1877 to April 1878, baggagemaster and locomotive engineer Portland & Rochester Ry; May 1878 to April 1883, locomotive engineer Rumford Falls & Buckfleld Rd.; April 1883 to Jan. 1896, engineer and foreman of locomotive repairs same road and Portland & Rumford Falls Rd.; Jan. 1896 to date, master mechanic Portland & Rumford Falls Rd.


Davis, Robert W., General Freight Agent Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburg Ry. Office Rochester, N. Y.

Born July 18, 1857, at Union Square, Oswego County, N. Y. Entered railway service 1871, since which he has been consecutively to 1872, apprentice Syracuse Northern Rd. (now Rome Watertown & Ogdensburg Rd); 1872 to 1876, telegraph operator; 1876 to 1880, station agent; 1880 to 1882, train dispatcher and traveling auditor; June 1882 to April 1884, train dispatcher Rochester & Pittsburg Rd.; April 1884 to July 1892, traveling freight agent and chief clerk general freight department; July 11, 1892, to date, general freight agent same road, now the Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburg Ry.


Davis, William Edward, Passenger Traffic Manager Grand Trunk Railway System. Office Montreal, Canada.

Born Aug. 2, 1850, at Wilson, Niagara County, N. Y. Entered railway service 1868, since which he has been consecutively to 1873, clerk Hannibal & St. Joseph Rd.; 1873 to 1877, with Kansas City Fort Scott & Gulf Rd. Entered the service of what is now a part of the Grand Trunk Ry System, then known as the Chicago & Lake Huron Rd., Aug. 2, 1877. This company afterward passed to the control of the Grand Trunk and is now what is officially known as the Grand Trunk Western Ry; was afterward assistant general passenger agent Grand Trunk Ry until April 1, 1896, when he was transferred to Montreal and appointed general passenger and ticket agent, which position he held until May 1, 1900, since which he has been passenger traffic manager same system.

The Biographical Directory of
the Railway Officials of America
Edition of 1906
Edited and compiled by T. Addison Busbey
Associate Editor The Railway Age.
Chicago 1906