Railway Officials in America 1906



Adams, Abraham, Locomotive Foreman Great. Northern Ry. Office Wilimar, Minn

Born Jan. 5, 1858, at Bristol, Eng. Entered railway service in 1881, since which he bias been consecutively with Minneapolis & St. Louis Rd, Minneapolis, Minn.; gang foreman Northern Pacific Rd at Brainerd, Minn.; machinist Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry; Dec. 1886 to date, with Great Northern Ry, since Sept. 1892 as locomotive foreman at Willmar, Minn. Served an apprenticeship with the Avondale Locomotive Works at Bristol, England, beginning in 1872.


Adams, Charles B., Address St. Louis, Mo.

Born Oct. 12, 1856, at Philadelphia, Pa. Educated at the Episcopal Academy at Philadelphia, Pa. Entered railway service 1879 in the operating department Wabash Rd. and was subsequently until Oct. 1905, superintendent transportation; Oct. 1905 to date, general agent Safety Car Heating & Lighting Co. at St. Louis, Mo.


Adams, Harry M., Assistant Traffic Manager Great Northern Ry. Office Seattle, Wash.

Born Jan. 3, 1867, at Clinton, Iowa. Entered railway service 1830 as messenger St. Louis & San Francisco Ry at Cherryvale, Kan., since which he has been. consecutively to 1886, various positions in station service Kansas City Fort Scott & Gulf Rd and Southern Kansas Ry; 1886 to June 1, 1887, chief clerk general baggage department Southern Kansas Ry; June 1 to Oct. 15, 1887, cashier local freight office same road at Cherryvale, Kan.; Oct. 15, 1837, to Dec. 1, 1889, chief clerk general baggage department Oregon Ry & Navigation Co.; Dec. 1, 1889, .to April 1, 1890, division baggage agent Union Pacific Ry at Portland, Ore.; April 1 to June 1, 1890, advertising agent same road at Portland, Ore.; June 1, 1890, to June 10, 1893, baggage agent United Carriage & Baggage Transfer Co. at Portland; June 10, 1893, to March 1, 1894, in South America; March 1 to Oct. 1, 1894, ticket clerk Union Pacific Ry and Oregon Ry & Navigation Co. at Seattle, Wash.; Oct. 1, 1894, to July 1, 1895. clerk general freight office Oregon Ry. & Navigation Co. at Portland, Ore.; July 1, 1895, to Oct. 30, 1897, traveling freight and passenger agent same company; Oct. 30, 1897, to March 1, 1898, chief clerk general freight department, and March 1, 1893, to May 14, 1902, general agent same company at Spokane, Wash.; May 15, 1902, to May 30, 1905, assistant general freight agent same company at Portland, Ore.; June 18, 1905, to date, assistant traffic manager Great Northern Ry at Seattle, Wash.


Adams, Herbert Henry, Division Superintendent Michigan Central Rd. Office St. Thomas, Ont., Canada.

Born Aug. 13, 1876, at Detroit. Mich. Educated at Johns Hopkins University 1897 and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1899. Entered railway service 1899 as rodinan and draftsman Michigan Central Rd. since which he has been consecutively 1902, assistant chief engineer same road; 1902 to 1904, assistant superintendent same road; 1904 to date, division superintendent same road at St. Thomas, Ont.


Adams, Jay W., Pacific Coast Agent New York Chicago & St. Louis Rd. Office San Francisco, Cal.

Born June 3, 1858, at Newark, N. J. Entered railway service 1875, since which he has been consecutively to Feb. 1, 1886, station agent and agent Chicago & Alton Rd at various points in Illinois; Feb. 1. 1886, to June 1, 1895, traveling passenger agent same road at Los Angeles, Cal.; June 1, 1895, to July 7, 1897, traveling passenger agent same road at San Francisco, Cal.; July 7, 1897, to date, Pacific Coast passenger agent New York Chicago & St. Louis Rd at San Francisco, Cal.


Adams, Robert, Auditor of Disbursements Southern Pacific Co. (Pacific System). Office San Francisco, Cal.

Born Aug. 12, 1865, at Haverstraw, Rockland County, N. Y. Educated in the public schools. Entered railway service 1881 as messenger and office boy at Peoria, Ill., Wabash St. Louis & Pacific Ry, since which he has been consecutively 1881 to 1887, in local freight office same road and Toledo Peoria & Western Ry at Peoria; 1887 to 1894, clerk to auditor and traveling auditor Toledo Peoria & Western Ry; 1894 to 1897, chief clerk auditor's office St. Louis Alton & Terre Haute Rd at St. Louis; 1897 to 1898, traveling auditor Illinois Central Rd: 1898 to 1900, auditor St. Louis Peoria & Northern Ry; 1900 to 1902, chief clerk auditing department Chicago & Alton Ry; Aug. 1902 to date, auditor disbursements Southern Pacific Co. (Pacific System).


Adams, William H., Assistant Trainmaster Philadelphia & Reading Ry. Office Wayne Junction, Pa.

Born July 20, 1856, at Baltimore, Md. Entered railway service 1867 as messenger North Pennsylvania Rd, since which he has been consecutively to 1877, brakeman, conductor and locomotive engineer same road; 1877 to 1890, freight conductor, passenger conductor, yardmaster and train dispatcher Philadelphia & Reading Rd; 1890 to date, assistant trainmaster same road; 1890 to 1892, also trainmaster Philadelphia Newton & New York Rd.

The Biographical Directory of
the Railway Officials of America
Edition of 1906
Edited and compiled by T. Addison Busbey
Associate Editor The Railway Age.
Chicago 1906