Railway Officials in America 1906

Abel to Acree


Abel, William H., Division Passenger Agent Chicago & Alton Ry. Office Springfield, Ill.

Born Jan. 5, 1863, at Elizabethtown, N. Y. Educated at University of Vermont. Entered railway service in 1884, since which he has been consecutively to 1889, contracting agent Erie Dispatch Fast Freight Lines at Kansas City, Mo.; 1889 to 1890, city passenger agent Chicago & Alton Rd at Denver, Colo.: 1890 to Nov. 1904. southwestern passenger agent same road at Dallas, Tex.; Nov. 1904 to date, division passenger agent same road at Springfield, Ill.


Abercrombie, Frank Patterson, Superintendent New York Division Pennsylvania Rd. Office Jersey City, N. J.

Born Fort Towson, Ind. Ter. Entered railway service 1874 with the Pennsylvania Rd Co. in assistant engineer's office at Altoona, Pa., since which he has been consecutively 1875 to 1877. assistant supervisor New York division Pennsylvania Rd; 1877 to 1879. supervisor Baltimore & Potomac Rd; 1879 to 1880, supervisor W. Jersey & Atlantic Rd; 1880 to 1885, assistant engineer West Jersey Rd; 1885 to 1891, assistant engineer Sunbury division Philadelphia & Erie Rd; 1891 to Dec. 9, 1896, assistant engineer Eastern division Philadelphia & Erie Rd and Susquehanna division Northern Central Rd at Williamsport, Pa.; Dec. 9, 1896, to Jan. 1, 1899, superintendent Bedford division at Bedford, Pa.; Jan. 1, 1899, to July 1900, superintendent Cambria & Clearfield division at Cresson, Pa.; July 1900 to Feb. 1, 1902, superintendent Amboy division, United Railroads of New Jersey division same road at Camden, N. J.; Feb. 1, 1902, to date, superintendent New York division same road at Jersey City, N. J.


Abrams, J. H., Superintendent Colorado & Southeastern Ry. Office Hastings, Colo.

Entered railway service 1870, since which he has been. connected with the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe By, Chicago & Northwestern Ry, St. Louis & San Francisco Ry, Denver & Rio Grande Rd, Colorado & Southern By, Southern By and St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Ry in the following positions: Machinist, telegraph operator, Station agent, brakeman, train dispatcher, chief train dispatcher, trainmaster, assistant division superintendent and to Oct. 23, 1905, terminal superintendent St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern By at Little Rock, Ark.; Oct. 23, 1905, to date, superintendent Colorado & Southeastern By.


Abrams, William H., Land and Tax Commissioner Texas Pacific By. Office Dallas, Tex.

Born Jan. 10, 1843, at Peru, La Sable County, Ill. Entered railway service Oct. 20, 1868, since which he has been consecutively to Sept. 16, 1873, land agent Kansas Pacific Ry; Sept. 16, 1873, to April 5, 1875, assistant land commissioner Texas & Pacific Ry; April 5. 1875, to date, land commissioner same road; is also tax commissioner same road.


Acheson, Alexander Mahon, Resident Engineer Missouri Kansas & Texas Ry of Texas. Office Dallas, Tex.

Born July 20, 1858. Educated at Washington and Jefferson College 1876 to 1879. Entered railway service 1880 as rodman New York Lake Erie & Western Rd, since which he has been consecutively 1881 to 1883, levelman New York West Shore & Buffalo Rd; 1883 to 1835, transitman Pennsylvania Rd; 1885 to 1887, on surveys projected road; 1887 to 1889. assistant engineer St. Paul Minneapolis & Manitoba Ry; 1889 to 1900, assistant engineer Missouri Kansas & Texas Ry of Texas; 1900 to date, resident engineer same road at Dallas, Tex.


Ackert, C. H., Fourth Vice-President Southern Ry. Office Washington, D. C.

Born Feb. 19, 1856. in Dutchess County, New York. Entered railway service 1872 as telegraph operator and from Nov. 1, 1838, to April 1, 1893, was general manager Iowa Central Ry, since which he has been consecutively April 1, 1893, to April 1, 1899, general manager Elgin Joliet & Eastern Ry; April 1, 1899, to March 1, 1901, president and general manager same road and Chicago Lake Shore & Eastern Ry; March 1, 1901, to March 15, 1902, general manager Mobile & Ohio Rd; March 15, 1902, to April 1, 1905, general manager Southern By; April 1, 1905, to date, fourth vice-president same road.


Acree, William Joshua, Master Car Builder Atlantic Coast Line Rd. Office Petersburg, Va.

Born Aug. 6, 1844, in Hanover County, Virginia. Educated in private schools. Entered railway service 1866 as carpenter Petersburg & Weldon Rd. He has been since 1885, master car builder Richmond & Petersburg and Petersburg Rds, now the Atlantic Coast Line Rd.

The Biographical Directory of
the Railway Officials of America
Edition of 1906
Edited and compiled by T. Addison Busbey
Associate Editor The Railway Age.
Chicago 1906