Railway Officials in America 1906

Abbot & Abbott


Abbott, A. T., Superintendent Colorado Division Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Ry. Office Colorado Springs, Colo.

Born April 15, 1860, at Morris, Ill. Entered railway service 1876 as telegraph operator Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Ry, since which he has been consecutively to 1890, train dispatcher and train.master same road; 1890 to 1893, trainmaster Colorado Midland Ry at Colorado City, Colo.; 1893 to Feb. 1896, chief dispatcher Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Ry; Feb. 1896 to Sept. 1902. successively trainmaster at florton, Kan., superintendent southern division and superintendent Nebraska division same road; Sept. 1902 to date, superintendent Colorado division same road at Colorado Springs, Colo.


Abbot, Edwin Hale, Ex-President and Treasurer Wisconsin Central Rd. Address Cambridge, Mass.

Born Jan. 26, 1834, at Beverly, Mass. Entered railway service May 1873. since which he has been consecutively to 1899, on Wisconsin Central Rd; June 1873 to May 1878, general solicitor and director; May 1878, chosen vice-president and trustee; was to July 1899, president and treasurer Wisconsin Central Rd. Chicago Wisconsin & Minnesota and Milwaukee & Lake Winnebago Rds, and trustee in their mortgages.


Abbott, Granville Davis, Superintendent, Secretary and Treasurer Eureka & Palisade Rd. Office Eureka, Nev.

Born Feb. 3, 1866. Educated at Oakland. Cal., high school. Entered railway service 1885 as train ticket agent Central. Pacific Rd at Ogden, Utah, since which he has been consecutively 18S6 to 1887, brakeman Southern Pacific Co.; 1837 to 1889, private secretary to division superintendent same company at Oakland Pier, Cal.; 1889 to 1897, clerk and chief clerk same point; 1897 to date, superintendent, secretary and treasurer Eureka & Palisade Rd.


Abbott, John N., President and General Manager Railway Electrical Improvement Co. Office New York, N. Y.

Born Nov. 17, 1845, at New York, N. Y. Entered railway service April 1861, since which he has been consecutively to Dec. 1886, on New York & Erie Rd and its successors-the Erie and New York Lake Erie & Western Rds; April 1861 to March 1863, clerk general superintendent's office; March 1863 to Oct. 1869, chief clerk general ticket office; Oct. 1869 to June 1872, assistant general passenger and ticket agent Erie atid Atlantic & Great Western Rys; June 1872 to Dec. 16, 1886, general passenger agent; Dec. 16, 1886, to March 4, 1887, commissioner Southwestern Passenger Association; March 4, 1887, to Dec. 31, 1889, chairman Western States Passenger Association; June 1890 to July 1891, assistant to president Great Northern Ry at St. Paul, Minn.; March 27, 1900, to March 31, 1903. vice-president and general manager Consolidated Railway Electric Lighting & Equipment Co.; is now president and general manager Railway Electrical Improvement Co.


Abbott, Theodore Sperry, Chief Engineer Coahuila & Zacatecas Ry. Office Saltillo, Mex.

Born Sept. 1855. Graduated from the University of Illinois 1877. Entered railway service 1879 as draftsman Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Rd, since which he has been consecutively 1881 to 1888, office engineer Mexican National Ry at the City of Mexico; 1888 to 1889, principal engineer same road; 1889 to 1892, division engineer Mexican Southern Ry; 1892 to date, engineer for the State of Coahuila; 1896 to date, chief engineer Coahuila & Zacatecas Ry; 1899 for several years, also chief engineer Coahuila & Pacific Ry.

The Biographical Directory of
the Railway Officials of America
Edition of 1906
Edited and compiled by T. Addison Busbey
Associate Editor The Railway Age.
Chicago 1906