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VANS AND WILLIAMS, physicians and surgeons, at New Castle. Each year the value of electricity in the treatment of disease is becoming more. and more recognized, and when made use of by experienced men of science, its curative properties are little less than marvelous. In the firm of Evans and Williams, made up of D. E. Evans, M. D., and T. V. Williams, M. D., New Castle has a professional combination that in its special line is scarcely equaled in western Pennsylvania.

Dr. D. E. Evans was born in Macsteg, Wales, in 1852, and Dr. T. V. Williams was born in the same country, at Llwyny poid, Llandebie, ten years later. Dr. Evans has been, a resident of the United States since his sixteenth year, while Dr. Williams was twenty eight years old when he reached America, having been a schoolmaster in. Wales for a number of years. Dr. Evans first settled in Flushing, L. I. Then he moved to Nanticoke, Pa., where he practiced medicine for several years before graduating in medicine. He was borough physician during the Nanticoke smallpox epidemic in 1889, when he had eighty cases in the quarantine hospital. He subsequently entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Baltimore, Md., and was graduated from the Baltimore University in 1892. He immediately located at Nanticoke, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, where he engaged in medical practice until 1899, when he came to New Castle and entered into partnership with Dr. Williams. He was a member of the Nanticoke Board of Health for five years. In 1876 he married Miss Ann Davis, of Scranton, Pa., and they have three children: T. J., who is engaged in the practice of dentistry, at Youngstown; Arthur, who resides in New Castle; and J., who is a resident of New York City. Dr. Evans is a valued member of the Lawrence County and the State Medical Societies, the American Health League, and the American Medical Association. His fraternal connections are with the Ivorites and the Foresters of America. He attends the Baptist Church.

Dr. T. V. Williams commenced the study of medicine before he came to America, completing his medical education at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, at Baltimore, Md., in 1892. After a period of practice at Nanticoke, Pa., he came to New Castle and entered into the present partnership with Dr. Evans. He was married in. 1894, to Miss Florence G. Bache, who is a daughter of Rev. T. C. Bache, a minister in the Primitive Methodist Church. They have on daughter, Hazel. Dr. Williams is a member of the Episcopal Church, and was one of the founders of the Episcopal Mission, of South End, who are now building their new church, St. Andrew's, on Long Avenue. He is a member of various scientific bodies, including the Lawrence County and State Medical Societies, the American Medical Association, the. American Health League, and the American Roentgen Ray Society. He belongs to the Ivorites of America and to the Improved Qrder of Red Men, and in his professional capacity is examiner for several beneficiary orders. He is a brother of the late Dr. B. J. Williams of Plymouth, Pa.

Drs. Evans and Williams make .a specialty of the treatment of diseases (especially skin diseases, facial blemishes and nervous diseases) by various modalities, such as X-rays, electricity, light, hot air, vibration and radium, in the office, and have an extensive practice. The office for light treatment alone is equipped with a fifty ampere arc light (for lung diseases.), a London Lupus lamp, a Russian violet lamp, a blue lamp, and an ultra violet ray lamp, each lamp having superior efficiency in certain indications. They have as well equipped offices in the line of electrical apparatus as any in this country, having installed all the latest devices, both of American and European manufacture, which have met the approval of scientific experts. . They brought the first X-ray machine to New Castle, also the first static machine, and were the first to introduce the different light treatments. They have met with remarkable success, and patients come to them from long distances. Both Dr. Evans and Dr. Williams have erected handsome residences on South Mill Street, near Reynold Street, and they also built a substantial office building adjoining.

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