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Jeremiah Kramer, son of John and Hannah Boyd Kramer was born in Fairfield County, December 1, 1841, and passed away at the age of eighty four years and nineteen days.

The place of his birth is now owned by Mr. Irwin Zwayer. Mr. Kramer spent his boyhood days in and around Canal Winchester. He attended the public school and received such education as the school offered.

March, 1866, he was united in marriage to Marinda Jennings; this union was blessed with four sons and three daughters. His companion, two sons and one daughter were called to precede him in death.

Mr. and Mrs. Kramer started their life journey on the same farm and in the same house wherein he passed away having spent his entire married life there He lived his whole life within a radius of one mile.

Mr. Kramer was interested in the welfare of his community, and served it in different capacities; having served as a member of the board of education for eighteen consecutive years, and again for a period of three years. He was a man of great activities and up to the time of his recent illness took an active part in his farm duties. In recent years, owing to deafness, he was unable to converse with others, and because of this he became a constant reader and derived much pleasure from the same.

Mr. Kramer was the last member of a family of seven to be called. This family was one of the pioneer families. There remains of his own immediate family, two sons, two daughters, and six grandchildren.

Kramer genealogy: Ludwick Kramer of Hollander descent, emigrated from Pennsylvania and in 1811 purchased from the government "North East quarter of Section 30, Twp. 15, Range 20," document of which was signed at Washington, D. C., by President James Madison and Secretary of State James Monroe.

In the same year 1811, a part of this land mentioned in the above paragraph was deeded by Ludwick Kramer and Margaret Kramer, his wife, to a son John Kramer.

In 1846, a parcel of the land mentioned in the paragraph directly before this, was deeded by John Kramer, Sr., and Catherine Kramer, his wife, to John Kramer, Jr.

In 1874, a parcel of the land mentioned in the paragraph directly before this, was deeded by John Kramer, Jr., and Hannah Kramer, his wife, to Jeremiah Kramer. Later through the death of John Kramer, Jr., another parcel of land formerly owned by him, descended to Jeremiah Kramer.

In 1926, the land of Jeremiah Kramer, through his death in December, 1925, descended to his lawful heirs, viz: Mabel H. Kramer, a daughter of Elmer Kramer, deceased, the oldest child; John Kramer; Raymond Kramer Zeigler and Grace C. Zeigler Decker, son and daughter of Cora Kramer Zeigler, deceased; Festus R. Kramer; Laura R. Kramer and Mallie Mae Kramer.

A two year old son of Grace C. Zeigler Decker makes seven generations with Ludwick Kramer. Thus some of the original tract of land purchased from the government by Ludwick Kramer has never been out of the Kramer name.

Some of the land when owned by John Kramer, Jr., was laid out in lots and sold by him, forming the northern part of what is known now as Canal Winchester.

Religious services were first held in the home of John Kramer, Jr., which later was organized into a United Brethren Church. Finally a United Brethren Church was built, John Kramer, Jr., contributing toward its construction.

As far as known, up to the marriage of John Kramer, Jr., or The Second, the Kramer lineage was of Hollander descent. John Kramer's wife, Hannah Boyd, was of English descent.

John Kramer, The Second, was born in a log house on the original Kramer estate in July, 1808, and died in July, 1891.

Hannah Boyd Kramer was born in December, 1811, and died in February, 1890.

John Kramer and Hannah Boyd were married in January, 1831. Jeremiah Kramer was born in a log house on the original Kramer estate in December, 1841, and died in December, 1925.

Marinda Jennings Kramer was born in Knox County in August, 1838, and died in February, 1914.

Jeremiah Kramer and Marinda Jennings were married in March, 1866. As far as known, Maxinda Jennings was of purely English lineage, her mother's maiden name being Reynolds, her paternal grandmother's maiden name being Hinton and her paternal great grandmother's maiden name being Houck.

The old homestead still standing on the original Kramer estate is more than 117 years old and is now owned by Laura R. Kramer, a direct descendent of Ludwick Kramer.

Jennings genealogy: Marinda Jennings of English derivation was born in August, 1838, in Knox County, Ohio, and died in February, 1914. In 1866 she was married to Jeremiah Kramer of Franklin County by Rev. James Heffley, at Canal Winchester.

Her father was John Jennings and his one sister and two brothers were Polly Jennings McGowan and Benjamin and George Jennings.

John Jennings' father was Joseph Jennings and his mother Rebecka Hinton Jennings.

Joseph Jennings' father was Benjamin Jennings and his mother was Rhoda Houck Jennings.

Marinda Jennings' mother was Nancy Reynolds Jennings who had one brother, Stephen Reynolds.

Nancy Reynolds Jennings' father was William and her mother was Rebecka Reynolds.

Marinda Jennings Kramer's father was in his eighties when he died but her mother died when she was only eleven years of age.

Marinda Jennings Kramer's brothers and sisters were as follows: William, the oldest was in the War of '65 and was never heard from personally afterward. Later word was received that he had been captured by the Indians.

Joseph who was married and lived in North Dakota had two children, William and Lillie. Lillie who taught school in Colorado married there a man by the name of Elrod. Joseph died at his daughter's home in Colorado.

John married and lived in Colorado. He had two children but as far as known the whole family is dead.

Maria married in Ohio to James Robinson and had four children, viz., Harvey, Nancy, Susie and Ellsworth. The family moved to Illinois where she died.

Eliza died young, unmarried.

Maiinda Jennings Kramer was next in birth order and had seven children viz: Elmer, Harvey, John C., Cora, Festus R., Laura R., and Mallie Mae.

Daniel was married twice having two children by his last wife. He died while engaged in mining in Colorado. His wife and two children, Guy Jennings and Gladys Jennings Thrall live in Columbus, Ohio.

Oscar Jennings married and lived in Knox and Delaware counties. They had no children. Both he and his wife are dead.

Jeremiah Jennings, the youngest, married and had four children viz: Eva, John, Daniel and Nettie. All but the wife and son John are living in Delaware and Knox counties.

Cassius, a half brother, married and had five children, all living but the wife, in or near Franklin County, Ohio.

The Jennings came from England and settled in New Jersey and Virginia, the immediate ancestors of Marinda Jennings Kramer being from Virginia. Her great grandfather purchased 2100 acres of land in Virginia. A wealthy neighbor of her father's by the name of Jim Stark offered to pay his expenses to England to lay claim to a large fortune said to be awaiting the rightful Jennings' heirs of which he was one, but he replied that he would not cross the ocean for a fortune. Many Jennings are still trying to claim part of this fortune which is said to now be estimated at from millions to billions. The first or perhaps the oldest known mention of the effort to claim this fortune was in, it is thought, Charles Dicken's "Bleak House," as "Jarndyce v. Jarndyce."

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