United States Mortgage Company

THE UNITED STATES MORTGAGE COMPANY. So broad, varied, benignant and valuable is the influence of this important Cleveland corporation that this publication may consistently accord to it specific recognition by incorporating, with minor elimination and paraphrase, a review that appeared in a recent edition of the Cleveland Legal News.

One of the notable organizations of Cleveland, and one which is inherently sound and gives every evidence of becoming increasingly valuable and successful, is the United States Mortgage Company, the offices of which are in the Hickox Building, which was established in 1921 and has an authorized capital of $250,000. Its plans and methods are distinctive. Realizing that continued success over a long period of time comes only as a result of effective service rendered to those with whom it does business, the United States Mortgage Company has developed an organization and a plan of operation that represent the greatest possible advantages to both stockholders and clients.

The company's plan is to handle worth while developments in and around Cleveland. It specializes in individual homes and small housing projects, believing that such enterprises are the most favorable to the community and the soundest basis for mortgage investments. The company's service to clients comprehensively includes everything incidental to the development of such properties. The real estate department assists in the selection of building sites, carefully analyzing the comparative values of different localities; the architectural departmeat prepares plans for buildings, and these are not only well adapted to the sites chosen but also combine the maximum facilities and space which may be obtained for any given investment. The construction department of the company, known as the N. P. McCallum Engineering & Construction Company, is a subsidiary of the United States Mortgage Company. It handles construction work at actual cost to clients. Under its direction the best materials for the purpose are purchased in the open market for cash, thus assuring minimum cost. All subcontracts are handled by a carefully selected corps of concerns, each of the subcontractors being a stockholder in the United States Mortgage Company, and all of them being consequently interested in the success of the company and the quality of its service.

D. A. Dyche, president of the United States Mortgage Company, has been active in construction and mortgage lines virtually all his life. He has had comprehensive experience and has made a substantial success. R. R. Lane, vice president and secretary of the company, is president of the Lane School at Euclid Avenue and East Fifty seventh Street. He has made a. real success in his line,, and is well and favorably known. Frank P. Gaffney, the company's treasurer, is now a merchant in Cleveland and was in the city treasurer's office under the administration of Mayor Tom Johnson. W. W. Gard, a director of the company, gives much of his time to its interests. He was for twenty five years in the banking business 'in Columbus and Newark, and is highly respected in the financial circles of the state. Mrs. Mary E. Leibel, of Conneaut, Ohio, is likewise a director and was selected for this position as the choice of a large number of the company's stockholders in her home locality. Albert Strauch, assistant secretary of the company, was for some time assistant secretary and treasurer of the National Steel & Tube Company.

J. E. Kreft, secretary and manager of the subsidiary organization known as the Oak Homes Realty Company, is individually mentioned in the preceding sketch. N. P. McCallum, head of the construction department and a member of the Board of Directors, has had a long and successful experience. He is a graduate of Penn State College, and was for some time in the bridge, engineering and construction department of the Pennsyl vania Railroad., In connection with the engineering department of the City of Los Angeles he was there associated with harbor development, and in the World war period he was chief cost engineer of the United States Housing Corporation at Washington.

A History of Cuyahoga County
and the City of Cleveland
By: William R. Coates
The American Historical Society
Chicago and New York, 1924

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