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CHARLES H. TUCKER. Now practically retired, though still retaining business offices in the Union Trust Building, Charles H. Tucker is an interesting veteran of Cleveland's transportation circles. For many years he acted as general agent for the leading steamship companies on the Great Lakes.

Mr. Tucker was born at North Collins, Erie County, New York, December 11, 1839. His great grandfather came from England, settled in New York, and he and his descendants were devout Quakers. Abram Tucker, grandfather of Charles H. Tucker, was born near Glens Falls, New York, and in 1810 moved to the western part of the state, traveling with teams and wagons through the wilderness, establishing a home in what is now North Collins, Erie County, not far from the City of Buffalo. The spot was then on the very western frontier, and the Indians and wild game still contested the advance of the white man in that region. Abram Tucker bought land, made a farm and remained there until his death at the age of eighty eight. His old homestead is still owned by his descendants. His wife lived to the age of ninety three.

George W. Tucker, father of Charles H. Tucker, was born at North Collins in 1810, soon after the family settled there, and had the distinction of being the first white child born on the Iroquois Reservation in Erie County. His sister Amy married Howland Kirby, and she spent her entire life of ninety nine years at North Collins. When she was eighty six years of age she joined the Eastern Star. She was one of the early advocates of woman suffrage and was a coworker with Susan B. Anthony. George W. Tucker assisted in the work of the farm during his early youth, acquired a public school education, and for a time was in the mercantile business at North Collins and also postmaster there. About 1843 he moved to Gowanda, taking up the cabinetmaker's trade, but a year later located at Buffalo and was for some years a salesman for a wholesale grocery house. In March, 1852, he brought his wife and three children to Cleveland, entering the service of the Childs & Bishop Organ Company as bookkeeper. At that time Erie Street was the city limits, and dwelling houses occupied the sites of many of the present large office and mercantile buildings. The family lived on Eagle Street. George W. Tucker died May 6, 1859, at the age of forty nine. In politics he was affiliated with the whig party as long as it existed, and remained a devout Quaker. His wife was Susan Bartow, who was born at Tarrytown, New York, in 1812, of French Huguenot ancestry, and daughter of Punderson and Hannah Parlow Bartow. She died at Cleveland in 1884, at the age of seventy two. She reared three children : Seth, a farmer who died in Iowa; Hem siba, who died at Cleveland at the age of forty one, wife of Stanley A. Jewett, a talented niusician and for many years connected with the Childs & Bishop Organ Company of Cleveland; and Charles Herbert.

Charles Herbert Tucker was about thirteen years old when the family came to Cleveland. He attended public schools in Buffalo and this city, and while in school carried the old Cleveland Herald and Cleveland Plain Dealer. Following a course in business college he went to work, in 1855, at the age of sixteen, as clerk in the banking house of Pierce & Nelson, a year later became teller for A. M. Perry & Company, and subsequently became associated with the wholesale flour business conducted by A. M. Perry & Company. He was bookkeeper for this firm until the death of Mr. Perry in 1863, and was called upon to settle up the business of the firm. Mr. Tucker served a 100 day enlistment during the Civil war, joining the One Hundred and Fiftieth Ohio Infantry in 1864. He was a guard at Washington. On returning to Cleveland he became bookkeeper with the firm of Robert Hanna & Company for two years, and then acted as secretary of Hanna. Baslington & Company, who were in business under the name Globe Oil Refining Company. Two years later this business was consolidated with the Standard Oil Company, and Mr. Tucker's next connection was as general manager of the Cleveland Boiler Plate Manufacturing Company.

Since 1876 his experience and business interests have been almost entirely concentrated in the field of lake transportation. For twenty four years he was general agent of the Union Steamboat Company. For Messer periods of time he acted as general agent for the Northern Steamship Company, the Lake Superior Transit Company, the Lackawanna line of steamers, the Western Transportation Conmany, the Commercial Line and the Ogdensburg Transit Company. From 1900 until 1913 Mr. Tucker was president and manager of King's Engineering Company and the American Wire Spring Company. In 1913 he became general agent for the Merchants Mutual. Line and the Canada Steamship Line, and is still nominally identified with the lake transportation interests as a general agent.

Mr. Tucker is a thirty third degree, supreme honorary, Scottish Rite Mason, and his affiliations at Cleveland are with Tyrian Lodge, Cleveland Royal Arch Chapter, Oriental Commandery, Lake Erie Consistory and Al Koran Temple of the Mystic Shrine.

He married in 1868 Miss Lucy A. Wightman, daughter of David L. Wightman, for many years prominent in Cuyahoga County as sheriff and as the chief organizer and at the time of his death agent for the Cleveland Humane Society. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker reared a family of six children: Stanley, Salome, Bartow C., Lucia, Douglas and Ralph. Stanley, who finished his education in the Case School of Applied Science, married Gertrude Chandler. The daughter Salome is a graduate of the Hathaway-Brown School at Cleveland. Bartow C., a graduate of high school, married Gertrude Keifaber, and his two children are Martha and Constance. Lucia, who graduated from the Fort Edwards Collegiate Institute of Fort Edwards, New York, married Charles Harbaugh, and became the mother of two children, Donald and Virginia, Virginia Harbaugh being the wife of Orgain McCullough, and her two children, Orgain and Lucia McCullough, are the great grandchildren of Mr. Tucker. Douglas Tucker married Mary McDonald, and they have two children, Robert and Ruth. Ralph Tucker, who finished his education in Western Reserve University, married Margaret Snider, and they have a family of six children: Eloise, Marjorie, Charles, Theodore, Stanley and Betty.

A History of Cuyahoga County
and the City of Cleveland
By: William R. Coates
The American Historical Society
Chicago and New York, 1924

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