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FRANCIS WILLCOX TREADWAY. As a practicing attorney of the Cleveland bar for over thirty years, formerly lieutenant governor of Ohio, and for years closely associated with the most prominent leaders of the republican party in the state, Francis Wilicox Treadway has been one of the outstanding citizens of Cleveland in his generation.

He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, January 7, 1869, son of the late Augustine Russell Treadway, whose career is given in the preceding sketch. He lived in New Haven until he was ten years of age, began his public school education there, and subsequently, in 1886, graduated from the Cleveland West High School. He then attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, where he received the Bachelor of Science degree in 1890, and of which institution he was elected trustee in 1924. This was followed by two years in the Yale Law School, where he received his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1892, winning the Munson prize for the best thesis on graduation. Returning to Ohio, he was admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of Columbus in October, 1892, and stood first in the class then admitted. Mr. Treadway began the practice of law at Cleveland in 1892, associated with the law firm of Williamson & Cushing, but eight months later he and William H. Marlatt formed the firm of Treadway & Marlatt. This firm has been in continuous existence for thirty-two years, and is the oldest legal partnership in the city, without change in that period.

While most, of his tithe has been taken up with the practice of his law firm, Mr. Treadway has many services of a public nature to his credit. He was appointed United States commissioner of Cleveland in 1902, but resigned in 1903 when elected a member of the House of Representatives of Ohio. In the Seventy-sixth General Assembly he made the nominating speech for Marcus A. Hanna, who that year was republican candidate before the Ohio Legislature for election to the United States Senate. He was leader of the fight in the House for what is known as the Cleveland School Bill, a measure providing for the organization of small school boards throughout the state, and for a business administration of the public schools. As first chairman of the House Committee on Banks and Banking, newly created ‘that year, he was leader of the reform movement for the examination of state banks and the creation of a state banking department. His proposed measure was defeated at that session, but in the Seventy-seventh General Assembly, as counsel for the Ohio Bankers Association, Mr. Treadway was largely instrumental in securing the enactment of a similar measure, known as the Thomas Act, which created a state banking department and required regular inspection and examination of state banks. In 1918 he was retained to revise and codify the bank laws of the state, which was done and the same enacted into law in 1919, known as the Graham Banking Act.

In 1905 Mr. Treadway was nominated for vice mayor of Cleveland, the republican municipal ticket being headed by Theodore E. Burton for mayor. In 1908 he was elected as a republican to the office of lieutenant-governor of Ohio on the ticket with Governor Andrew L. Harris, who was unfortunately defeated, the democratic candidate for governor, Judson T. Harmon, being elected. In 1910 he was renominated for lieutenant-governor, the republican candidate for governor that year being Warren G. Harding, but the entire state republican ticket was defeated. Mr. Treadway both before that and afterwards was associated on terms of unusual intimacy with the late Mr. Harding. They were warm personal friends, and Mr. Treadway esteemed beyond measure the personality and character of the late president.

During the great war he was a member of the executive committee, Cleveland War Board.

As counsel Mr. Treadway is a director in a number of business corporations, and also has many executive responsibilities. He is president of the Baker R & L Company, president of the Cleveland Paper Manufacturing Company, secretary of the Ferris Shoe Company of Cleveland and Philadelphia, is a director and member of the executive committee of the Guardian Savings & Trust Company, a director of the Cleveland Metal Products Company and the Peck, Stow & Willcox Company of Cleveland and Southington, Connecticut, and a trustee of Pilgrim Church and Jones Home for Friendless Children. For two years he was a director, 1911-1913, of the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the American, Cleveland and Ohio Bar associations, Phi Delta Phi law fraternity, the Tippecanoe Republican Club, Western Reserve Historical Society, and since 1912 has been a trustee of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society. He is a member of the Union, Clifton, Mayfield,. Westwood and Mid-Day clubs, the Columbus Club of Columbus, and of the Sons of the American Revolution. He has been president of the Tippecanoe, Clifton and Westwood clubs.

Mr. Treadway married, January 5, 1897, Esther Sutliff Frisbie, who was born at Southington, Connecticut, daughter of William J. and Anna Sutliff Frisbie. They have two children, Frances Sessions and Augustine Russell, graduates of Smith and Dartmouth colleges.

A History of Cuyahoga County
and the City of Cleveland
By: William R. Coates
The American Historical Society
Chicago and New York, 1924

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