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LESTER EUGENE SIEM0N, M. D., who has been engaged in the practice of his profession in the City of Cleveland since the year 1896, is one of Ohio's most prominent and distinguished representatives of the school of homeopathic medicine and surgery, has been influential in the educational work of his profession and has made valuable contributions to standard and periodical literature pertaining to the sciences of medicine and surgery. A significant mark of the professional prestige which is his, is that of his being at the time of this writing, in the autumn of 1923, the president of the American Institute of Homeopathy.

Doctor Siemon was born at New Brighton, Pennsylvania, on the 28th of December, 1867, and is a son of George F. and Sophia (Neely) Siemon, the former of whom was born and reared in Germany and the latter in the State of Pennsylvania, Adam Siemon, grandfather of the doctor, was one of the influential citizens of the historic old City of Frankfort-on-Main, Germany, where he served as a member of the Landwehr, and he was one of the gallant men who became actively identified with the German revolution in the late '40s, his prominent association with this justified movement against despotic government having made him persona non grab in his native land, the governmental enmity which he thus incurred forced him to flee from Germany and to sacrifice his large properties in the land of his birth. Like many others who were prominently concerned in that Revolutionary uprising of 1848, he found hospice in the United States and established his home in Ross County, Ohio, he having been a resident of this state at the time of his death.

George F. Siemon received in his native land excellent educational advantages, and it was in the year 1855 that he came to the United States He was engaged in business at New Brighton, Pennsylvania, where he continued his residence until 1876. In that year he removed to Cleveland, Ohio, and in this city he is now living retired from active business, a venerable citizen who here commands the high esteem of all who know him. The death of Mrs. Simeon occurred several years ago.

Doctor Siemon was a lad of nine years at the time when the family home was established in Cleveland, and here he profited by the advantages of the public schools, besides taking a course in stenography. Here he was employed as a stenographer in the offices of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad, and later in the offices of the Standard Oil Company, his ability finally leading to his effective service as stenographic court reporter in the local law courts. In the meanwhile he formulated definite plans for his future career, and in consonance with his ambition he finally entered the Cleveland University of Medicine, in which homeopathic institution he was graduated as a member of the class of 18% and with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He has insistently kept in touch with the advances made in medical and surgical science, and his post graduate work has included his attendance at leading clinics in the cities of New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. He has continuously made Cleveland the stage of his professional activities, and his professional clientage has long been one of representative order.

In 1902 Doctor Siemon became an instructor in the Cleveland Homeopathic Hospital College and from 1905 to 1914 he held the chair of and was head of the department of obstetrics in that institution. He was dean of this college faculty for some time.

In 1911 Doctor Siemon was appointed by Governor Harmon a member of the Ohio State Board of Medical Examination and Registration, his service in this capacity having continued until 1918. In 1908 he was elected president of the Ohio State Homeopathic Medical Society, in the affairs of which he continues an influential figure, he having given also several years of service as a member of its legislative committee. In the year 1923 there came to Doctor Siemon special distinction, in his election to the office of president of the American Institute of Homeopathy, and this honor confered by this national organization gives reflex distinction also to his home city and state. The Doctor has made valuable contributions to the standard and periodical literature of his profession, and is at the present time editor in chief of the Central Journal of Homeopathy. He is a prominent member of the Cleveland Homeopathic Medical Society. He is affiliated with the Phi Upsilon Rho college fraternity, and in 1907-08 he was president of the supreme corpus, or national organization, of this fraternal order. The doctor has had neither time nor desire for political activity, but is aligned in the ranks of the democratic party, and is a loyal and progressive citizen and is a thirty second degree Mason and Shriner.

A History of Cuyahoga County
and the City of Cleveland
By: William R. Coates
The American Historical Society
Chicago and New York, 1924

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