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ELIZABETH CLARK TYLER MILLER. The name of Elizabeth Clark Tyler Miller is a well known one in Cleveland and throughout Cuyahoga County, for it has been associated with some of the most constructive work in behalf of charitable and civic organizations of this locality, as well as with the activities of women in the political life of Ohio.

Mrs. Miller was born at Boston, Massachusetts, daughter of Washington S. and Marion (Clark) Tyler. The record of her father's successful career is published in the preceding sketch. Mrs. Miller spent her girlhood days in Cleveland. After two years as a student at Dobb's Ferry, New York, she spent a year traveling abroad, studying and visiting the different points of interest in the various European countries. Her interest in philanthropic and charitable work began in 1888, at which time she became a member of the King's Daughters Circle, which organization was devoted to the welfare of the children of the city, especially those at Lakewood Hospital. This organization later became the Sunbeam Circle, of which she was at one time treasurer, and took for its object the welfare of the trippled children of Cleveland. Later its scope was broadened to include all cripples, who are taught vocational occupations, and given instruction calculated to raise their moral standards and increase their usefulness. A school was established on East Fifty fifth Street, and busses were operated in carrying the wards to and from school. Lunches were furnished the wards without charge. This very admirable work was later taken over by the City Board of Education, and was subsequently merged with and became a unit of the Association for the Crippled and Disabled. This association maintains the Sunbeam Shop, where are sold all of the articles made by the wards. Mrs. Miller is still a trustee of this shop. She is also a trustee of the Babies Dispensary and Hospital, and has been since its organization, and she is a very important factor in various other benevolent enterprises, for she is a woman of deep sympathies and broad understanding, and feels it her duty, as well as a pleasure, to use her wealth and abilities to mitigate the suffering of those less fortunate than she.

However, Mrs. Miller's activities have not, by any manner of means, been confined to charitable work. She is chairman of the Cleveland, and a director of the Northern Ohio, communities on devastated France, and in recognition of her efficient services in these connections the American Committee awarded her a silver medal of honor with the ribbon. She is also a potent factor in republican party affairs, and was the founder and president of the Harding Woman's Club in 1920, and was the first woman to serve on the Republican Executive Committee of Cuyahoga County. Ever since women began taking part in political affairs in Ohio she has been a leader, and her influence has long been recognized as a strong and uplif ting one. Mrs. Miller was the first woman to be made a member of the Tippecanoe Club, and was further honored by election as a director in 1922, and as treasurer in 1923. Her business interests are large and varied, and among other responsibilities of this nature are those connected with the directorship in the W. S. Tyler Company.

An index of the unusual scope of her inthrests is found in the varied memberships she has in organizations, including the following: The Royal Economic Society, the American Economic Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Genetic Association; is a life Fellow of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in England, and a member of the American Audubon Society, the Meriden Bird Club, founder and president of the Cleveland Bird Lovers' Association, and the Cleveland Bird Club. She has been active in providing food Stations for birds in the city. She is a member of the Bibliophile Society of Boston, the Brothers of the Book of Chicago, the Colony, MacDowel!, Woman's City Clubs of New York, the Country, Mayfield and Clifton clubs of Cleveland, the Japan Society, and the Century Theatre Club of New York, the Cleveland Writers' Club, Fellow of the Cleveland Museum of Arts, member of the Maison Francaise, the Circle Francaise. She is a life member of the American Rose Society, of the Western Reserve Club, a republican organization, and is .a member of the Pioneer Memorial Association and the Gamut Club of New York. She is a trustee of the Babies' Dispensary and Hospital, and during the World war was associated with the Red Cross and other organizations for the purpose of performing war service.

Mrs. Miller was married in 1901, and she has two sons, Otto Miller, Junior, and W. S. Tyler Miller, both of whom are students of Harvard University. In her life and work Mrs. Miller has proven beyond any question the fact that women are just as well qualified as men for positions of trust and responsibility, and her wonderful success and the good she has accomplished are proving a stimulus to others of her sex to use their talents for the good of their communities and humanity in general.

A History of Cuyahoga County
and the City of Cleveland
By: William R. Coates
The American Historical Society
Chicago and New York, 1924

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