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ALBERT GEORGE DAYKIN, business leader and philanthropist, is associated with one of the largest and best known business establishments in Cleveland, the Daykin Brothers Company, manufacturers of plumbers' supplies, and of which he is manager.

Mr. Daykin is a native of Cleveland, son of the late James and Elizabeth (Hugell) Daykin. James Daykin was born on the River Swales, near Richmond, England, and was of the same family as Bishop Daykin, whose monument stands in the churchyard at Richmond. His wife, Elizabeth Hugell, was born at Richmond, England, and came from a collateral branch of the same family as that from which Gen. George Washington descended. James Daykin was an engineering contractor, and did some notable work in England, especially in the building of several large railway tunnels. He brought his family to the United States in 1855, locating in Cleveland, where he became a manufacturer of pumps and engines. He owned a factory on Columbus Road on the West Side, and continued at the head of this prosperous business the rest of his life. The factory is still operated by one of his sons.

Albert G. Daykin grew up on the West Side of Cleveland, attended the Hicks Street Public School, the West High School and the Spencerian Business College, and served an apprenticeship at the plumber's trade. Of the practical phases of the plumbing trade and the manufacture of the equipment used by the trade at least one of the Daykin brothers is an authority and master, and the business developed by them has become the largest establishment of its kind in Northern Ohio. The company has an average of about 100 skilled workers. Their products are distributed entirely through the jobbing trade, and the output of their plumbing supplies has a recognized standard wherever plumbing goods are used. There are seven brothers in the Daykin Brothers Company, and their business is a landmark in Cleveland.

Mr. Albert G. Daykin has never married, and has employed his accumulating wealth from a successful business career in practical philanthropy. Money to him has meant the opportunity to relieve suffering and restore the sick to usefulness and health. He has put in much time and thought in experimental investigation along lines of rehabilitating those broken down by ill health, and has a knowledge of all the various systems employed for curing disease, including such treatments as those used in electro therapy and the various mineral cures. Again and again he has sought to restore the health of the poor after they had been given up by regular physicians, employing the best scientific methods without charge, and in this, way his wealth has become an important source of practical philanthropy.

Recently Mr. Daykin bought the old Selden home, a landmark on the West Side, and has entirely renovated and, in fact, practically rebuilt it, making it a beautiful place for his own residence and also with special quarters and facilities for the treatment of the sick by scientific methods. He has introduced into the old home all the modern improvements and facilities, and it contains some exceptionally beautiful decorations. In this house are quarters suitable for his interesting selection of relics, including many nre pieces of jewelry, his hobby being the collection of cameos. He has also collected many pieces of fire arms. On the wall of one of the dens is an historical painting showing John Jacob Astor, the old fur trader, bartering with Indians in a location which is now Edgewater Park. This painting has been pronounced historically correct and is the only one on that subject in existence.

Mr. Daykin is a member of the Cleveland Chamber of Industry, the Cleveland Yacht Club, the Masons, Elks and Odd Fellows.

A History of Cuyahoga County
and the City of Cleveland
By: William R. Coates
The American Historical Society
Chicago and New York, 1924

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