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Rev. Grant E. Pike, who lives retired in Center Township, is a member of a prominent pioneer family of Columbiana County. He was born in this township, Oct. 5, 1863, and is the son of DeLorma Frederick and Cordelia A. (Arter) Pike.

DeLorma Frederick Pike was born in Fairfield Township, Columbiana County, July 17, 1835, and died Sept. 25, 1910. He was the son of John Crawford and Maria H. (Frederick) Pike. His father was Hugh Pike, a native of England, who emigrated to this country when 20 years of age. He came with his father, Thomas Pike, who was a near relative of Capt. Zebulon Pike. Thomas Pike was visited by Capt. Pike upon his return from his western trip, at which time he explored Pike's Peak. Immediately following this visit, President Washington sent him to Canada to take Fort York, now Quebec, from the English. During this siege Captain Pike was killed.

Thomas Pike married Mary Crawford, one of whose ancestors, Witherspoon, signed the Declaration of Independence. To Thomas and Mary Pike were born the following children: Thomas William, John, Hugh, Lewis, Robert, Elizabeth, married William Whistler; Matilda, married Rev. S. S. McKown; Sarah Jane, married Samuel Stapleton. John, grandfather of Rev. Grant E. Pike, married Maria, daughter of Thomas Frederick. Their children were as follows: Thomas; Benjamin Henry; Susanna Adams; Wilhelmina, married James I. Caldwell; Sadie, married George Walters; Sarah, married Robert George Eells; Hannah, married Capt. John Myers. Thomas, Frederick's father's name was Thomas, and he was born near Harrisburg, Pa. His father, Noah, was killed by the Indians, the mother tomahawked and left for dead. The boy, Thomas, was carried off by the Indians and made a prisoner at the age of seven years. Later a release was officially secured at Fort Duquesne, Pa., now Pittsburgh. He grew up in Philadelphia and married Margaret Tibbins, to whom were born the following children: George, Catherine, Thomas, Elizabeth, Jacob, Henry, John, Noah, Samuel, Margaret, Mary, and William. Thomas Frederick located near Lisbon in 1804, Thomas Jefferson signing the patent to the land and also James Madison, then secretary of state. He died in 1808. The farm was sold to the son, Thomas, the father of Maria, grandmother of the subject of this sketch. The family originally came from Germany on account of religious persecution. The ancestors run back as follows: Brown, Miller, and Gloss, the latter being private physician to the Emperor of Germany. After the marriage of John Crawford Pike to Maria Frederick, Feb. 13, 1834, they located west of Lisbon and were farmers, principally raising sheep. They have seven children: DeLorma Frederick; Mary Ann, married Aaron Arter, and they had three children, Homer, John and Olive; Sophia, married Jesse Frost, and they had three children, Wilbur, Frank, and Elsie; Robert Thomas, married Louisa Thomas, and they had five children, Linnie, Mary, John, Olive and Ralph; and Irene, married William Rudisill, and they had two children, John and Marie.

Cordelia A. (Arter) Pike, mother of the subject of this sketch, was born Dec. 6, 1840, and died Nov. 13, 1925. Her ancestors located north of Lisbon in 1804. Her father, Simon, who had one brother, Daniel, and one sister, Rebecca Hardman, married M. Burger, to whom were born 11 children: Daniel; Belinda, married Solomon Switzer; Anthony; George; Cordelia; Aaron; Mariah, married William Webb; Charlotte, married Edward Hull; Samuel; Marcus and Lambertine. The grandfather, Abram Arter, came from Maryland and located north of Lisbon and was one of the founders of the old "Brick Church," Reformed. Originally the family came from Germany and through this source Reverend Pike inherited one of the first German printed Bibles still in his possession. Reverend Pike's parents were married March 21, 1860, and settled five miles west of Lisbon on a farm near Giliford. They were prosperous farmers and active in church work. Here Reverend Pike and his sister, Georgia Mariah, born Dec. 25, 1861, received their early training and schooling. In 1880 their father purchased and moved to a farm just north of Lisbon. They attended Lisbon High School, where they were graduated in 1884. They both entered Mount Union College in 1885 and were graduated in 1887. Georgia was married to George Nichols, born April 14, 1862. He was the son of Mahlon and Hanna Nichols, farmers, east of Salem. They located north of Columbiana and have two sons: Hayden George, born Oct. 26, 1899; and Paul Spencer, born Aug. 17, 1904. They both graduated from Columbiana High School, took up teaching and entered Mount Union College, and later Hiram College.

Reverend Pike re-entered Mount Union College in 1889 and received his degree of A. B. in 1890. On Feb. 18, 1890, he married Miss Alice Dust man, of Berlin Center, Ohio, a graduate of Mount Union College, and a daughter of Abram and Mary (Hartsough) Dustman. In 1890 he entered the ministry in the Disciple Church at New Baltimore, Ohio. After holding successful pastorates in eastern Ohio, especially at Barnesville, where in four years he had 250 accessions to the church and engineered the erection of a new church building, he took pastoral work in Chicago and entered the University of Chicago for the degree of B. D. On account of his wife's failing health he took work at Colorado City and Sweetwater, Texas, but returned in two years to Alliance, Ohio, where his wife died, Jan. 18, 1904. He then returned to his father's home in Lisbon on account of a nervous relapse. He was later called as pastor of the Christian Church, Lisbon, and later was pastor of the Calvary Christian Church, Pittsburgh. Here he entered the University of Pittsburgh for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, studying psychology and the origin and growth of life. On account of the failing health of his parents, he returned to Ohio and took pastorate in the Methodist Episcopal Church at various places in the Eastern Ohio Conferences for six years. He is now retired and devotes his time to the writing of religious topics of the day.

Reverend Pike has two daughters: Ethel Gladys, born Dec. 29, 1891, and Dorotha Esther, born Aug. 4, 1894. They were both graduated from Lisbon High School and attended Mount Union College and the University of Syracuse.

Dorotha Esther Pike married Everett Elliott Mumau, Aug. 6, 1916. He is a native of Garrettsville, Ohio, and was graduated from Hiram College, Washington State University, and Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland. He is a structural and civil engineer at Beaver, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Mumau have three sons: Everett, Jr., born July 26, 1918; John, born Aug. 1, 1920; and James, born March 27, 1923.

Ethel Gladys Pike received the degree of Bachelor of Music at the University of Syracuse in 1919. She was married April 3, 1920, to James

Paisley, of Paisley, Scotland. He is a graduate of the University of Glasgow. Mr. and Mrs. Paisley are residents of Syracuse, N. Y., where he is engaged in the banking business.

History of Columbiana County, Ohio
By: Harold B. Barth
Historical Publishing Company
Topeka-Indianapolis 1926

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