Biography of John Kisor
Member of Ohio General Assembly - House of Representives

JOHN KISOR, Representative from Wyandot county, the subject of this sketch, was born near Mt. Vernon, Knox county, Ohio, on the 13th of May, 1816. His great great grandfather came from Germany; and his father removed with his family from Knox county to Dayton, where they remained seven years, and thence removed to Crawford county (of which Wyandot county has since been formed), where Mr. Kisor now resides. His educational advantages were exceedingly limited. He was fourteen years 01(1 when he entered school and, after he entered, could only go in winter time, being thus compelled to pick up an education under great disadvantages, on stormy days, and in his room by night. In this way he acquired a common school education, while he was helping to clear up his father's farm, out of three hundred acres of heavy forest. He became accustomed to all the hardships of pioneer life.

On the 26th of April, 1846, Mr. Kisor was united in marriage to Miss Susannah Bender. He then removed to his own farm in Sycamore township, where he resided till 1863, when he sold out there and bought a farm in Eden township (Nevada postofflce), which is his home at the present time.

He had a great liking for military life and was made Captain of a company of heavy infantry at the age of twenty, which position he held two years, and then organized a rifle company, of which he was made Captain, serving five years.

In 1852 he became a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and has held the office of Deacon, or Elder, ever since.

He has always been a Democrat, taking an active interest in politics, aiming to get the best men into office, but invaliably, for years, refusing office himself.

In 1863 he was elected Commissioner of Wyandot county, and re-elected in 1866, holding that office for six years, and discharging its duties efficiently, honestly and satisfactorily.

In 1869 he was nominated by the Democracy of his county for Representative in the Fifty-ninth General Assembly of Ohio, receiving six hundred majority over five competitors for the nomination; and he was elected, at the October election of that year, by the usual Democratic majority of the county.

In 1871 he was re-elected a Representative to the Sixtieth General Assembly, without either Democratic or Republican opposition.

As a citizen and a man, Mr. Kisor is always genial and obliging; sympathizing with the oppressed; contributing to the wants of the poor; giving freely for the upbuilding of Christianity. He is firm in all his convictions of the right sensitive in all matters of personal honor, regarding his reputation as a gentleman, and his character as a man, with that scrutinizing care which permits no aspersions upon either. He is always a friend in time of need; entertains the strongest convictions of truth and honor; prompt in all his business engagements, never having broken a promise. Socially, and as a companion, he is inclined to be lively and jovial; but he is a man of not many words. Courteous and kind, he is ever ready to make everybody at home with him.

As a legislator, Mr. Kisor is incorruptibly honest and upright. I have never known a public man more conscientious in the discharge of his duties; and the position I held in the House of Representatives enabled me to observe him closely. Seldom or never absent from his seat, he is always well posted in all matters of legislation as they come up before the House, and ever ready to vote upon them intelligently and with discriminating judgment.

In every respect, he is a faithful, efficient and worthy Representative, and his costituency are to be congratulated on their good luck in having such a public servant.

Biographical Sketches of the
State Officers and of the members
of the Sixtieth General Assembly
of the State of Ohio.
By: W. Sarwin Crabb.
Ohio State Journal Book and Job Rooms.
Columbus, Ohio 1872

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