Biography of Dresden W. H. Howard
Member of 60th Ohio General Assembly - Senate

DRESDEN W. H. HOWARD, Senator from the Thirty third District, was born in Yates county, New York, November 3, 1818. He removed, with his parents, to Fort Meigs, on the Maumee river, Ohio, June. 17, 1821, and, in May, 1823, moved eighteen miles up the river to Grand Rapids, his father, Edward Howard, with two brothers, having cut the first wagon road most of the distance, the whole country being almost an entire wilderness, the Ottowa tribes of Indians owning the lands upon the north bank of the river, for some distance, up and down. Having learned the language of the tribes, he became a trader with them; and, as early as 1837 (upon the removal of the tribes, he went west of the Mississippi, and pursued the trade there, with them and the wilder tribes of the plains and the Upper Missouri river.

He returned to Ohio, at the death of his father and brother, in 1841. After a few return trips up the Missouri, to his favorite land of wild sports, he married in 1843, and commenced farming, stock raising and wool growing. In 1852 he removed to Alamakee county, Iowa, where he bought of the Government a tract of land, upon which he laid out the town of Winfield, now Harper's Ferry, on the west bank of the Mississippi. He returned to Ohio in 1853, where he has pursued farming ever since.

He was the elector at Lincoln's first election, from the Tenth Congressional District, and was a delegate at. the Baltimore Convention which nominated Lincoln, in 1864. He was elected a member of the State Board of Equalization in 1870, and to the State Senate in 1871.

Biographical Sketches of the
State Officers and of the members
of the Sixtieth General Assembly
of the State of Ohio.
By: W. Sarwin Crabb.
Ohio State Journal Book and Job Rooms.
Columbus, Ohio 1872

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