Biography of John M. Cochran
Member of Ohio General Assembly - House of Representives

JOHN M. COCHRAN, from Hamilton county, is a farmer, and was born near Gettysburg, Adams county, Pennsylvania, on the 18th of June, 1811, and removed with his parents to Ohio in 1817, and settled in Hamilton county, where he has resided the greater part of his life.

He was for several years a fellow student with Lieutenant Governor Charles Anderson and Hon. Robert C. Schenck, at Miami University.

He is the owner of one of the best and most fertile farms in the north part of the "Kingdom of Hamilton," and his well filled barns and granaries, good horses, fat cattle and swine, are the best evidences that he is a thrifty farmer.

We are informed that he is an excellent business man. Being a good surveyer, he is sent for far and near, and has doubtless measured more tracts of land, drawn more deeds and conveyances, written more wills, and settled up more estates, than any professional man in his community. He was among the first men of his thy to advocate public improvements, and has been for twenty four consecutive years President of one of the oldest Turnpike Companies in the State.

In 1840 he represented his county in the House of Representatives, and by reference to the House Journal of that year, it will be seen that he took an active part in getting Judges of the Court elected for Butler county. Some of the opposition gave him sixteen votes for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Butler county, though he resided in and represented Hamilton county.

In politics Mr. Cochran was a staunch Whig till the organization of the Republican party, when he united his voice and influence with the latter, and to the principles of which he most tenaciously adheres. He is known as one of the strong Union members of the House, faithful, prompt and efficient.

In personal appearance, Mr. Cochran is a young looking man to have passed his sixty first year. He is ever smoothly shaved and tidy in his dress.

Something is looked for of the genealogy of a member, hut, of this, we have been able to learn but little, save that Mr. Cochran is the nephew of, and named after, Jeremiah Morrow, who was Governor of Ohio from 1822 to 1826. From "Lanman's Dictionary of Congress," we learn that Governor Morrow was chosen a member of the Territorial Legislature in 1800, and was the first Representative in Congress from Ohio, serving from 1803 to 1813; and was Senator in Congress from 1813 to 1819, being appointed, in 1814, a Commissioner to treat with the Indians. He served a second time as a Representative in Congress from 1.841 to 1843. He died in Ohio, on the 22d of March, 1852.

Not far from the scene of the great battle in Pennsylvania, are two plain tombstones, upon which are the following inscriptions:

William Cochran. Born 1699. Died 1771.
Sarah Cochran. Born 1702. Died 1785.

Near by is another tombstone, with the following: James Cochran. Born July, 8, 1732. Died December 8, 1810. Jane Cochran. Born November 14, 1742. Died January 4, 1815.

These, we have been credibly informed, were the great grand parents and grand parents of the subjects of this sketch - Biographical Sketch, by Abraham Stagg.

Biographical Sketches of the
State Officers and of the members
of the Sixtieth General Assembly
of the State of Ohio.
By: W. Sarwin Crabb.
Ohio State Journal Book and Job Rooms.
Columbus, Ohio 1872

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