Biography of Heney Chapman
Member of Ohio General Assembly - House of Representives

HENRY M. CHAPMAN, one of the members of the House from Cuyahoga county, and the subject of this sketch, was born in the township of Euclid, Cuyahoga county, Ohio. His parents were worthy people of New England origin, and among the first settlers of his native county. Brought up on a farm, he early acquired habits of industry and frugality, but enjoyed limited school advantages. Having been left an orphan while still young, and having to fight life's battles alone, developed within him an unusual energy and perseverence of character, and independence of thought and action.

At length he commenced the study of law. After prosecuting his studies some time, wishing to advance his general education, he entered Oberlin College. While there he formed an acquaintance with Miss C. E. Bordwell, a classmate, and an estimable young lady, whom he afterward married.

After leaving college he spent a little time in Cleveland at the law, but on account of his health he was obliged to leave that profession for one that required more out door labor, so he returned to his birth place and commenced life's duties in earnest by farming. Holding that

He that by the plow would thrive,
Must either hold himself or drive,"

And, acting upon that principle, he has made his chosen profession a decided success. He made a specialty of growing grapes and small fruit.

He has been twice elected Magistrate of his native town, and is esteemed one of the hard working, honest citizens of the township.

As a legislator he evinces a desire to discharge the duties required with a degree of industry and honesty commendable; and coming from that profession to whom the people should more frequently entrust their interests, we are sure he will succeed. He is very social, as well as domestic, in. his habits, and temperate from principle, and enjoys his home and family more than the frequenting of public amusements, or dissipation. He has a modest estimate of his own abilities, and a great diffidence to appear in public as a speaker, yet speaks well and with energy when the occasion seems to demand it. Is a Republican in politics, and one that will never betray the interests of his constituents.

Biographical Sketches of the
State Officers and of the members
of the Sixtieth General Assembly
of the State of Ohio.
By: W. Sarwin Crabb.
Ohio State Journal Book and Job Rooms.
Columbus, Ohio 1872

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