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The Seely family, Ogdensburg, dates back to early in the sixteenth century in this country, at which period Robert Seely was one of a party of about 900, who in 1630 with Gov. John Winthrop, came over from England and established the corporation of the "Governor and company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England." Robert Seely, whose family in England were very influential, was appointed by the crown surveyor to Governor Winthrop, and in this capacity surveyed and laid out the old city of Watertown, and afterwards the city of New Haven, Conn. For these and other valuable services of like nature he was rewarded by the English crown with the grant of a very large tract of land upon part of which the city of Stamford, Conn., was afterwards laid out and founded, becoming the ancestral home of the family, members of which are still in possession of the old homestead. Over five generations are buried in the old Stamford cemetery connected with the ancient Episcopal church of St. Johns, of which they were founders and prominent churchmen. The town records from their first inception, contain numerous mentions of the financial and other transactions of the family. About the middle of the seventeenth century a branch of the family moved to Stockbridge, Mass., and a descendant, Steven Bishop Seely, born there in 1766, about twenty three years later left home and settled in the northern part of New York State at Waddington, St. Lawrence county, where he married Eveline Redington, sister of the Hon. George Redington. His son, Joab Seely, moved to Ogdensburg in 1820, where the family have since continuously resided. John F. Seely, eldest son of Joab Seely, by his energy and sterling honesty, successfully organized and built up the large jewelry house now conducted under the firm name of Seely & Son, and which for fifty years has been one of the interesting sights of the city. For the past twenty years his eldest son, John A. Seehy, has managed and conducted the business of this house. In 1890 he organized and incorporated the J. A. Seely Manufacturing Co., becoming its president and manager. Through his fertility of mind and inventive genius, the product of this factory sprang at once into favor and is now being shipped to all parts of this country and Canada. John A. Seely married in 1890, Lizzie, daughter of Richard B. Chapman, for fifty years a banker in Ogdensburg. John F. Seely has one other son, Hermon B. Seely, a prominent architect of Chicago, and one daughter, Mrs. Sears H. Grant, of Boston, Mass.

Our County and it's people
A memorial record of St. Lawrence County, New York
Edited by: Gates Curtis
The Boston History Co., Publishers 1894

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