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Pickert, Hiram L., Potsdam, was born in the town of Denmark, Lewis county, October 24, 1839, a son of Ephraim, a native of Herkirner county, who was a farmer, and came to Lewis county in 1839, where he lived about nine years, and October, 1848, he moved into St. Lawrence county, settling in the town of Canton, where he died January 7, 1885. The mother of our subject was Catherine Davis, also of Herkimer county, who died May 1, 1891, in Canton. They had seven children, four of whom are living: Alexander, farmer of Canton George, a farmer, of Canton; Vina, wife of Dean B. Delanee, a mason, of Malone, and Hiram L. Mr. Pickert married in 1866, Amelia M. Delance. They have one daughter, Minnie B. Mr. Piekert has always been engaged in farming with his father, until he was twenty two, and in 1867 he bought a farm of 109 acres in Canton, which he owned seven years. He lived on said farm four years, and then moved on his father in law's farm, in Potsdarn, which he lived on for four years. March 1, 1875, he bought and moved on his present farm of eighty acres, devoted to dairying. The South Potsdam cheese factory is located on this farm, which Mr. Pickert owned until 1888, and superin tended it for fourteen years. The old factory burned October 12, 1888, and was rebuilt by B. F. Leonard, the son in law of our subject. Mr. and Mrs. Pickert are members of the Potsdam Grange. Chandler Delance, father in law of our subject, was a farmer of Potsdam who was born and reared on the farm, where he died January 16, 1881. He married Lucinda Atwood and they had three children. Mrs. Piekert is the only one living of the family. John Delance, father of Chandler, was one of the first settlers of the town. He came here in 1803, and married Nancy Healy in 1804. It is said to be the first marriage in the town. He died in 1840.

Our County and it's people
A memorial record of St. Lawrence County, New York
Edited by: Gates Curtis
The Boston History Co., Publishers 1894

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