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Flagg, Edward W., A. B. and A. M., Potsdam, was born in Wellesley Mass., October 27, 1850. His father, William, was a business man of that town, who was prominent in politics, representing at one time his town in the Lower House of the State Legislature. Edward was the youngest of five children. He was educated in Williston Seminary at East Hampton, Mass,, and entered Yale College in 1847, graduating with the degree of A. B., in 1878, and was granted in 1891 his degree of A. M. from the same college. His first position after leaving Yale was as principal of Glencoe High School near Chicago, in Illinois, In 1883 Professor Flagg removed to Potsdam, where he had accepted the position of teacher in the State Normal School, having graduated from the State Normal School at Westfield, Mass, previous to his academic course. His department is that of English Literature, History and Rhetoric. Professor Flagg has been a contributor to Lippincott's Magazine the Congreqationlist, published in Boston, the Standard and the Interion, religious papers published in Chicago, also the chicago Tribune and various educational journals. In 1892-93 Professor Flagg spent six months at Clark University in the educational department, and in addition did some research work in "The History of the Teaching of Reading in the United States." He married in June, 1888, Laura A. auble of Brooklyn, N. Y.

Our County and it's people
A memorial record of St. Lawrence County, New York
Edited by: Gates Curtis
The Boston History Co., Publishers 1894

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