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Dewey, Frederick, L., A. B., A. M., Ph.D., Potsdam, was born in the town of Otego, Otsego county, May 14, 1860, son of William A., a merchant and farmer. Frederick L. was only two years old when his parents moved to Franklin, Delaware county, where the boyhood of our subject was spent. He prepared for college at the Delaware Literary Institute, and in 1878, entered Hamilton College at Clinton, Oneida county, graduating with the class of 1882, with the degree of A. B. He went back to the Delaware Institute as a teacher of classics, where he remained three years and in 1885 came to Potsdam, where he was given entire charge of the Classical department of the State Normal School. His classes now are the Latin and Greek, and besides gives lectures on method work in teaching the above studies. While in college our subject was the recipient of the Hawley prize in Latin and Greek, Tompkins's Mathematical scholarship, appointment as Clark prize orator; the McKinney prize debates and the Valedictory. He received the degree of A. M. two years after graduation. The degree of Ph. D. was given him in 1892, by Hamilton "Honorary." Professor Dewey has sent five valedictorians to Hamilton since he left there and in his professional work in 1886, he was the secretary of New York Teachers' Association. Mr. Dewey married in 1887, Jessie M., daughter of William Y. Henry, teller of the First National Bank of Potsdam. They have one child, Lewis Dayton. now in his fourth year.

Our County and it's people
A memorial record of St. Lawrence County, New York
Edited by: Gates Curtis
The Boston History Co., Publishers 1894

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