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Bedal, Timothy W., Colton, was born in 1815 at Hartford, N. Y., a son of Joshua, a native of Bath, N. H., born January 25, 1782, whose father, Joshua Bedal, was a native of France, born in 1740, who came to America with two brothers, Jacob and Richard, who were killed at the battle of Bunker Hill. Joshua fought in the French and Indian and the Revolutionary Wars, and was under Wolfe, Washington, and Lafayette. Joseph"s children were: Joshua, Jacob, Ruth, Louisa. Of these children Jacob married Nellie Carr, of Royalton, N. H., whose father was taken captive by the Indians at the massacre at Royalton and kept in captivity seven years. Jacob and wife had seven children Daniel, William, Henry, Amasa, George, Albert and Hiram. Timothy Bedal, our subject, was one of fourteen children, of whom Louisa died in 1820; George died aged eighteen, being shot by a robber; Angeline died in Vermont when a child; Isabel married Benjamin Patch, of Vermont; Alonso is a farmer of Vermont; Lafayette was killed in the late war; Cynthia married a Mr. Ellenwood, and died in Vermont about 1867; Laagdon died in Sheldon, Vt,, about 1887; Harriet married a Mr. May, son of Judge May, of Detroit; Maria married George Mihill, of Essex county, N. Y.; Sarah, wife of Nathan Wheeler, of Wisconcin; Augusta, married Joseph Petit and lives in Wisconsin; Jane married Frank Carr, of Meridan, Minn.; and Timothy, who came from Vermont to Chateaugay in 1840. in 1846 he came to Colton, when the town was but a wilderness, and here he cleared a home for himself and earned a living by making black salts. He bought 100 acres of land, later disposing of fifty acres. He married in June, 1835, Miss Ann Bean, and they had seven children: one who died in infancy; Mary, born November 25, 1836 wife of James Irish. She died December 7, 1864, and ]eft two children, Viroqua and Elva, both of whom are deceased. Melvina, born June 19, 1838, died December 10, 1841; Jane, born May 20, 1841. died October 9, 1880, the wife of Frank Carr, of Minnesota, and had seven children: Ellen, Allen, Edson, Clarence, Elsie, Frank, Mary, Alva S. The latter was born March 1, 1843, and married Lucy L. Smith, of Colton, by whom. he had four children: Bertha, born August 6, 1871, married, August 30, 1890, Lewis R. Crump, now of Colton; Arvilla, born September 4, 1873; Edson A., born March 21, 1876; Lydia L., born December 13, 1878. They are all musicians, and under the name Grump's Orchestra furnish music for many of the leading balls. Alvah Bedal enlisted in the Thirteenth N. Y. Cavalry on August 27, 1864, with his brother, Allen F., and served till the close of the war; Allan F. was born April 19, 1845, and was killed at what was known as the hay fight, in 1865; Rose Augusta was born February 4, 1847, and died in youth. Alvah Bedal now resides at home with his parents, and, is the owner of 157 acres of land. He and his father are both Republicans, and liberal in religious views.

Our County and it's people
A memorial record of St. Lawrence County, New York
Edited by: Gates Curtis
The Boston History Co., Publishers 1894

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