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Barber, Ira, Canton, was born in Canton, a son of Gideon Barber a native of Connecticut, who settled in this town with his father, Zirnri Barber, in 1806. Gideon Barber married Lovina White, and they had these children: Alvin, Darius, Mary, Ira, Cornelia and Betsey. He married second Polly Morrill, and had two daughters, Alice and Ella, Ira Barber married Sarah A. Wilson, who died October 1, 1886, Mr. Barber has made a specialty of bee keeping and ships his honey twenty pounds in a case. He began this business in 1852 with four colonies and in 1857 had 120, all from the four swarms with which he commenced. He keeps at present about 150 swarms of Italian bees. He has been one of the town auditors for two years. He is known among the bee fraternity of this country and Canada as the high temperature svinterer of bees, and was the first to demonstrate to a certainty that bees can be wintered in a temperature of heat from 65 to 90 degrees, and come out in spring in the best possible condition, after a confinement of five or six month in cellar.

Our County and it's people
A memorial record of St. Lawrence County, New York
Edited by: Gates Curtis
The Boston History Co., Publishers 1894

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