Biography of Franklin B. Francis
FROM: History of Livingston County, New York
By James H. Smith
Assisted by Hume H. Cole
Published By D. Mason & Co. 1881


Franklin B. Francis was born in Springport, Cayuga county, Dec. 4, 1826. He is a son of Sylvester and Love (West) Francis, of Cayuga county. His father was-born July 9, 1804, and his mother March 24, 1804. The former was a native of Wallingford, Ct., and son of Elihu and Lydia Francis, also natives of Connecticut. The mother of our subject, Love West, was a native of Vermont and a daughter of John and Phebe West.

Sylvester Francis moved with his family to Livonia in 1831, from his former home in Cayuga county. He settled about two miles south of Livonia Centre, where he lived until he became incapacitated by being thrown from a mowing machine. About 1867 he removed to Livonia Station, where he still resides.

Mrs. Love Francis, died May 7, 1837, leaving the following five children :—Franklin B. ; Andrew J., born June 26, 1828, floW residing at Austin, Nevada; Charles L., born May to, 1831, died in Calfornia in 1860; John W., born Aug. 12, 1833, died in Minnesota in 1864; and Jay, born Nov. 20, 1836, now residing in Portland, Oregon.

Sylvester Francis married for his second wife, Eliza Coe, by whom he has had two children, viz. :—Lydia, now the wife of George B. Dunlap, of Pittsburgh, Pa.; and Emma, who died in 1862, aged twenty-two years.

Franklin B. was brought up on his father’s farm, and attended the common schools of his town until he was thirteen years of age, when he was placed in the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary at Lima, where he remained about five years, attending the spring, summer and fall terms, and teaching a district school during the winter months.

In 1580, he left Lima, and from that time till 1850 he taught school in the different towns, when at the latter date he was appointed professor of mathematics and natural science in Temple Hill Academy at Geneseo. His health failing, he was obliged to leave Geneseo, and accordingly located on a farm in the town of Lima, where he has lived since.

April 28, 1853, he was united in marriage with Mariette E., only daughter of Isaiah and Delina (Kinney) Terry, of Lima. She was born Aug. 16, 1834. Her father who was born in Colebrook, N. H., Nov. 6. 1797, has been a resident of the same street in Lima, since 1808. His wife was born in South Manchester, Conn., July 5, 1803, and married in 1829. Previous to her marriage, she located in Lima (in 1821) and was a resident of that place till her death April 3, 1878. She was a lady of unusual vigor, both mentally and physically and was a fitting type of that sturdy pioneer race of whom but here and there one remains as a reminder of a past heroic age.

Sept. 23, 1879, Mr. Terry was married to Elizabeth A. Griswold, of Avon. Isaiah Terry, learned the trade of a carpenter and joiner, and followed that occupation up to the year 1860, having built some of the most substantial and handsome residences in the town of Lima and vicinity. He is still hale and hearty and in the possession of his faculties to a remarkable degree.

Franklin B. our subject, has for the past thirty years followed engineering and surveying. In r86o he was elected school commissioner for the northern district of the county and served three years,was reelected in 1866 and served another three years.

In politics heis a staunch Republican. In 1870 and ‘71, he was corresponding agent at Buffalo for the publishing house of Harper & Bros. In religious sentiment he is a Presbyterian, and with his wife has been a member of that church in Lima about fifteen years.

There have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Francis seven children as follows :—George C. born Feb. 23, 1854, died Feb. 18, 1876; Frank Terry, born April 14, 1856, died Aug. 14, 1860; Della Delina, born April 10, 1860, died Sept 23, 1864; Alta Love, born May 29, 1867, died Jan. 23, 1868, Etta Deliria, born Aug. 11, 1869; Stella H. born Dec. 8, 1872; and Delbert Isaiah born April, 11, 1878. By adoption May 29, 1867, they also have one daughter, Minnie Gage who was born Dec. 26, 1863.

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