Biography of John S. Beecher
FROM: History of Livingston County, New York
By James H. Smith
Assisted by Hume H. Cole
Published By D. Mason & Co. 1881


Hezekiah Beecher, Sr., grandfather of John S., was born in Litchfield, Conn., in 1752. He married Dorcas Strong of the same place, and in 1801 moved to Livingston county with his wife and eight children, viz: Enaeus. Sally, Nathaniel, Betsey, Hezekiab, Jr., Alfred, Anna, and Maria.

Enaeus married Hannah Cook, and at an early day moved to Union county, Ohio, where he died; Sally died at home : Nathaniel married Matilda Cook, and also, at an early day removed to Ohio; Betsey married Moses Jackman, and spent the remainder of her life in Rush and in this town; Alfred married. Sarah Leavenworth and became one of the pioneers of Oberlin, Ohio; Moses married E. S. Rust, and also settled in Oberlin; Anna married D. B. Clark, and spent her days on part of the original purchase of her father. Hezekiah, Jr., was born in 1793, and at the age of eight years, moved with his father to this town in 1801. In the fall of 1818, he was married to Nancy, daughter of Oziel Smith. and sister of Col. George Smith, and settled on a part of the original purchase of his father, situated one and one-half miles north of Livonia Center. He had four children, viz :—Esther M., born Sept. 22, 1819, married to George B. Gibbs. of Livonia; Mary A., born Oct. 7, 1822, now of New York city ; John S. born April 7, 1826; and George C. now of Canandaigoa, N. Y., born Oct. 7, 1831.

John S. the subject of this sketch, was married Sept. 26, 1860, to Sarah J. daughter of Oliver Wilson, of Clarendon, Vermont, by whom he had two children, both now living: Lewis H., born Jan. 29, 1862; and Martha A., born Jan. 3, 1836. Mr. Beecher now occupies the old homestead, and is one of the pioneers in the breeding of Spanish Merino sheep in this county, which business he still follows. He is pleasantly situated, his ancestors having displayed sound judgment in the selection of a home for the family.

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