Biographies of Snell & Makepeace


Snell & Makepeace.- This firm is composed of Gideon Snell, jr., J. H. Snell and J. J. Makepeace. Gideon Snell, jr., was born in Herkimer county, N. Y., in 1840, a son of Gideon Snell, born in the same county in 1807, and came to Orleans about 1835, returning to Herkimer county after eight years and in 1847 came to Theresa. He followed farming in Orleans and afterwards was foreman of the tannery at Dodgeville, N. Y. He has lived a retired life in Theresa for about thirty five years. His wife was Catherine Schultz, born in Herkimer county in 1809, and died in 1895. The father of Gideon was Jacob P. Snell one of seven brothers, and was killed at the battle of Oriskany. Gideon Snell, jr., was educated at Theresa at Goodenough's select school. After two years of farming Mr. Snell engaged in the milling business in Theresa in 1866, buying one-half interest in the mill of A. D. Gardner, and about 1867 Mr. Snell and his brother, Jacob H., bought a two thirds interest and E. J. Makepeace, the father of the present J. J. Makepeace, the remainder, and the firm has since been known as Snell & Makepeace. They have a general fiouring business, turning out 150 barrels daily. Mr. Snell was married in December, 1863, to Malona M. Martin of Theresa, and they have two children: William M. and Jennie A., wife of W. W. Holmes of Redwood, N. Y. William M. was educated at Theresa and was graduated from the State Normal of Potsdam and at present is a student in the New York State Homoeopathic College of New York city. J. H. Snell was born Theresa, in May, 1861, a son of Jacob H., brother of Gideon Snell, jr. Jacob H., Sr., was born at Snells Bush, Herkimer county, January 3, 1831, and came to Orleans at sixteen years of age and to Theresa at twenty years. In 1870 he bought an interest in the grist mill at Theresa and continued in business until his son took his place. J. H. Snell, jr., was educated at Theresa and was ten years old when he came off the farm and succeeded his father in the firm of Snell & Makepeace. In 1885 he married Florence E. Hildreth and they have one son, Karl H., born December 27, 1889. In politics Mr. Snell is a Republican and has been trustee of the village and trustee of school distiict No. 7. J. J. Makepeace was born in Alexandria, March 5, 1857, a son of E. J. and Marie (Tahash) Makepeace. J. J. Makepeace was reared in Alexandria and at the age of ten came to Theresa, and was educated there and at Adams Hungerford Collegiate Institute. He clerked in a drug store for A. C. Eddie three years and then worked in a grist mill, and at his father's death took his interest and has since been a member of the firm. November 10, 1892, he married Florence A. Chadwick of Theresa and they have two daughters: Ruth C., born January 11, 1894, and Dorothy M., born May 4, 1896. Mr. Makepeace is a Republican in politics, but not an aspirant to office. He built a fine residence on Brooklyn street, village of Theresa, in 1897. Elliot J. Makepeace, son of Solomon, was born in Pamelia, Jefferson county, April 26, 1829. February 21, 1854, he married B. Marie Tahash, and began his business life in a saw mill and then went into a grist mill for Jason Clark at Plessis, N. Y. They had one son, John J., born March 5, 1857, and one daughter, Elsie J., born April 6, 1864. In 1867 he came to Theresa and became a member of the firm of Snell & Makepeace, and continued in that relation until his death, August 13, 1888. He died in the mill while attending to his duties, and his remains are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Theresa. Elsie J. Makepeace was married to George S. Blackman, September 24, 1889.

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