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Fisk, John H., a descendant of one of the oldest pioneer families of Jefferson county. was born at the old homestead about four miles southeast of the city of Watertown, where he now resides, October 26, 1824. He is the oldest of a family of nine children; was married October 13, 1852, to Calista M. Heath. His brother, Ira H. Fisk, was born August 26, 1826, was married November 26, 1867, to Mary C. Snell. Ann Fisk, his twin sister, died November 7, 1893. Abraham Fisk, born June 12, 1828, died September 2, 1897. Susan Fisk, born November 27, 1829. Lorinda M. Fisk, born December 12, 1831, died May 2, 1859. Thomas Duane Fisk was born June 8, 1833, died May 24, 1862, was married December 24, 1856, to Adalaide Heath. They had three children: Alice, born June 14, 1858, married Frank Hart; died January 20, 1881. Carrie A., born October 12, 1860, married December 24, 1875, to Isaac Horning; had three children, Minnie May, Lulu and John; married second, Jay Cook, November 5, 1885; they have an adopted son, Jerald Cook. Martha M., born August 5, 1862, married Fred V. Cook, February 9, 1882; have two children, Mabel and Glenn Duane. Melissa E, Fisk, born February 12, 1835, married October 15, 1854, to Clark E. Freeman; he died July 16, 1866; they had three children, Fannie Annette, born July 24, 1856, died September 29, 1861; Ira J., born July 7, 1861, married Mary Elizabeth Wylie, March 26, 1884; have three children, Wylie Fisk Freeman, Emily Melissa, and Clark Edward. Dora Freeman, born December 6, 1862. married Smith A. Persons, February 9, 1881; he died l)ecember 28, 1891, leaving two children, Ethel E. and Smith Clark. Jerome M. Fisk, born February 14, 1839, died August 20, 1841. Ira Fisk, the father of John, was born at Whitestown, Oneida county, N. Y., November 8, 1799, died November 8, 1871; married December 23, 1823, to Joanna Holbrook; she died February 11, 1869. Abraham Fisk, the father of Ira. was born in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1762, married Elizabeth Arnold in 1787; he served in the Revolutionary army. Jonathan Fisk, the father of Abraham, was born in Rhode Island in 1738, married Barbara Brown; he served in the Revolution. John Fisk, the father of Jonathan. was born January 11, 1713, died December 5, 1798; he married Elizabeth Williams, a great-granddaughter of Rev. Roger Williams. Benjamin Fisk, the father of John, was born in Connecticut in 1696, married Abagail Bowen. Dr. John Fisk, the father of Benjamin, was born in Wenham, Mass., December 12, 1654, married Hannah Baldwin, January 17, 1682. Hon. John Fisk, the father of Dr. John, was born and married in England, came to this country with his father, Phineas, and other Fisk relatives in 1637 and settled in Wenham, Mass. Pthers came in 1634. Another party came in company with Roger Williams in 1630, all relatives. Capt. Phineas Fisk, the father of Hon. John, was born in Laxaeld, England, in 1610. Thomas Fisk, the father of Phineas. was born in Laxfield, died in 1610. Robert Fisk, the father of Thomas, was born in Stadhaugh, Suffolk county, England, in 1525, married Mrs. Sybil Gould Barber. He died in 1603. Sinon Fisk, the father of Robert, was born in Laxfield, England. married and died in Laxfield. Simon Fisk, the father of Simon. was born in Laxfield, married there. William Fisk, the father of Simon, was born in Stadhaugh, married Joann Lynne of Norfolk. Lord Simon Fisk, the rather of William, was Lord of the manor of Stadhaugh, parish of Laxfield, County of Suffolk, England, lived in the reigns of Henry IVth and VIth; married Susannah Smyth, he died in February, 1464. A coat of arms was granted to him. Simon's father's name was David. Davids father was Daniel Fisk, lived in the reign of King John. Daniel had some land which he obtained of the king in 1208, the deed of which can be found on the ancient record of real estate in London. Thomas Fisk, the son of William, grandson of Lord Simon, was Lord of the manor of Stadhaugh died 1525. The manor and its surrounding land is now being leased for £170 a year and has been for nearly two hundred years, and is for all time, the proceeds of which go for the education of poor boys within its vicinity.

Our County and it's people
A descriptive work on Jefferson County, New York
Edited by: Edgar C. Emerson
The Boston History Co., Publishers 1898

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