Biography of Dr. Horace S. Hutchins of Batavia, NY

Dr. Horace S. Hutchins, son of Asa and Lydia (Willis) Hutchins, was born in the village of Manlius, Onondaga County, N. Y., January 5, 1829. The father, a descendant of sturdy New England stock, was one of the early and efficient pioneers in the early settlement of the central part of this State. He died in Genesee County, October 1, 1871. The mother is from a long-lived family, and the oldest of a family of children each of whom lived to the age of 80 years. She married successively two brothers, and by each husband reared two sons and one daughter: Oramel, Loren, and Lure Ann;. Sophia, Horace S., and Harvey. Dr. Hutchins’s early life was spent upon the farm and in attending the district school winters, receiving such knowledge as they afforded a half century past. At the age of 16 he commenced his academic work in Hamilton Academy in Madison County, N. Y., pursuing a four years’ course of preparatory study, which enabled him to enter Madison University, from which institution he graduated and secured the degrees of A. B. and M. A. in course. He was teacher of mathematics in the Ladies’ Seminary of Hamilton two years, and principal of Peterboro Academy one year, during which time, having formed a taste for the study of medicine, and obtaining from many able physicians a good practical knowledge of therapeutics, bhe naturally developed the faculties necessary for the course he marked out for himself, and to which profession he has since devoted his energies and life. At the age of 25, seeking to restore his health and to learn something of the world, he set out on an ocean voyage to the West Indies, Central America, across the Isthmus, along the route of the Nicaragua Canal, up the San Juan River from Greytown to Castillo rapids; thence across Lake Nicaragua and the highlands of Gautemala to the Pacific Ocean; thence with the Coast Survey along the coasts of Mexico and california to San Francisco, landing there in the early years of the gold fever. For three years, and during his stay in Nevada City, he had charge of its school work, and also pursued the study and practice of medicine. He held various official posi tions in that city, whose foundations were laid in gold. It was during his visit and stay in California that he was one of many who engaged in that terrible struggle for supremacy between law and order, and the minions of overt criminality, when the famous Vigilance Committee assembled in hosts sufficient to awe and overpower the workers of crime. The powers of State were restored, society purified, and an example for good was inaugurated which has left its impress upon the whole Nation. It may not be out of place here to state, for a comparison, that the last professional act of Dr. Hutchins on the coast brought him the sum of $40 in gold, he being the recipient of that amount for a simple prescription, unsolicited on his part.

In June, 1857, he returned from California to Buffalo, N. Y., engaging in active business relations with his brother Harvey, and in September of the same year was married to Harriet M., daughter of Corrington Babcock, of Madison County, N. Y. In May, 1859, he moved to Batavia, taking up his old work—the practice of medicine. Visiting New York city the next year, and spending many months in review and study in the old and new schools of medicine, he graduated and returned to Batavia, where for the past 30 years he has faithfully and successfully labored, obtaining a rank in the profession possessed only by the few, gaining the respect and confidence of those who are the recipients of his ministrations, and by his consistent conduct and steadfastness of purpose has gained the respect of the whole community. He has been one of the vice-presidents of the New York State Homeopathic Medical Society, and one of the censors of the same society for years; a member of the American Institute of Homeopathy 23 years; a member of the Western New York Medical Society since its formation; an alumnus of the New York Ho meopathic Medical College Hospital Association; and a director and active worker in the banking interests of the village. For nearly ro years he was president of the board of education, and an active and zealous promoter of the cause of education. Dr. Hutchins’s children are Fanny A. and Eleanora, the latter the wife of Dr. John W. Le Seur. The family are earnest and devoted members of the Baptist Church, contributing generously to its growth and support.

Gazetteer and Biographical Record
of Genesee County, New York
Edited by: F. W. Beers
J.W. Vose & Co., Publishers, Syracuse, N. Y. 1890



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