Biography of Winslow S. Pierce


Pierce, Winslow S., Hamburg, p. o. Armor, was born in a log house about a mile northwest of Abbott's Corners (now Armor), August 20, 1818. He was educated in the schools of that day, and on account of ill health took up music at the age of twenty one, which was profitable in those times; he also farmed at his old birthplace. February 8, 1849, he married Rozelia S. Titus of Hamburg, and they have four children, Jerome W., Perry D., Evelyn S. and Hiram A. Jerome W. married Mary S. Duel of East Hamburg, and they have one son, Clarence A.; Perry D. married Jennie M. Duel, and they have two sons, Everett D. and Loren B.; Evelyn S. married Frank P. Titus, and they have two children, H. Arnold and Myrtle R.; Hiram A. married Ida Kilgore of Illinois, and they have three children, Winslow H., Robert K. and lone. Mr. Pierce's four children were all musicians and were called the musical family. Mrs. Pierce's father, Nathaniel Titus, was born in Buffalo, N. Y. in 1802. He married twice; first, to Sarah E. Bucklin, formerly of Herkimer county, and they had two children, Frances J. and Rozelia, as above. Mrs. Titus died August 2, 1833, and for his second wife he married Mrs. Sylvia (Clark) Day, and they had two children, Sarah E. and Charles H. Mr. Titus died August 26, 1880, and his widow in 1888. Mr. Pierce's grandfather, Nathaniel, was born in Morristown, N. J., in 1765, and married Sarah Brandow of Athens, Greene county, N. Y. He was a soldier, at Buffalo, in the war of 1812 and handled the last artillery piece on Niagara Square as the British marched up Niagara street; after firing the last shot he took to the bushes, where he suddenly came upon the body of his neighbor, Truman Cairy of the town of Boston, who had just been killed and scalped by the Canadian Indians, who were paid by the British for every American's scalp they produced. He died June 8, 1858. Mr. Pierce's grandfather, Giles Pierce, was also a soldier in the war of 1812, and the Bucklin family were represented in that war. Mr. Pierce is a staunch Democrat. The ancestry of the the Pierce family is English and New England.

Our County and its people
A descriptive work on Erie County, New York
Edited by: Truman C. White
The Boston History Company, Publishes 1898


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