Niagara Cycle Fittings Company, Buffalo, NY


Niagara Cycle Fittings Company, Buffalo.-This concern was established in 1893 by Messrs. Willard Parker and Mortimer H. Wright. They occupy premises at Nos. 297-299-301 Niagara street; the building is 60 by 132 feet, four floors and basement, and the company gives employment to from 150 to 250 workmen. They manufacture a large variety of bicycle pedals, supplying the trade in general. Their business extends all over the world and it is the largest house of the kind in the world. This concern was incorporated January 2, 1894, with Mr. Parker as the president and Mr. Wright as secretary. Both members give their personal attention to the business, and in every particular the house is, and always has been a model one.

Our County and its people
A descriptive work on Erie County, New York
Edited by: Truman C. White
The Boston History Company, Publishes 1898


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