The Cummings Cement Company, Newstead


The Cummings Cement Company, Newstead, p. o. Akron.-In the year 1854 the firm of Cummings & Sons made and established the brand known as the Cummings Cement. The head of this firm was the father of the president and treasurer of the present company, and grandfather of the vice-president and secretary. From the date given until the present time the number of barrels of cement produced and sold bearing the name of Cummings, has reached the total of 6,360,000; over 600,000 barrels were used in the construction of the New Croton aqueduct, New York city. Cummings cement has been used in the construction of every railroad leading out of Buffalo, and in New England, in Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit. Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Omaha, Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis and scores of others. It has also been used in the vast sewer systems of all the cities of the great chain of lakes, and in scores of waterworks systems throughout the country; also extensively used by the United States government. The works of the Cummings Cement Company, the largest and most complete works of the kind in the United States, are situated at Akron, N. Y., and located on the N. Y. C. & H. R. Railroad, twenty miles northeast of Buffalo. The plant alone covers three and fifty-five hundredths acres, and is operated by engines developing over 1,000 horse-power. The grinding is done by the system of gradual reduction, with crushers, pulverizers and twenty run of 42-inch millstones. The general offices are in the Ellicott Square building, Buffalo, and the officers are, Uriah Cummings, president: Homer S. Cummings, secretary; Palmer Cummings, treasurer and general manager, and Ray P. Cummings, vice-president; New England office, Stamford, Conn.

Our County and its people
A descriptive work on Erie County, New York
Edited by: Truman C. White
The Boston History Company, Publishes 1898


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