Burt & Sindele, manufacturing confectioners, Buffalo


Burt & Sindele, manufacturing confectioners, have been in business in Buffalo since September 1, 1891. Alfred H. Burt, the eldest son of Dr. Alfred D. Burt and Annie Dickinson Bell, his wife, was born in Allen, Allegany county, N. Y., June 7, 1864, and moved with his parents when a year old to Belmont, in the same county, where be received his early education. The death of his father in 1874 threw him upon his own resources and forced him to seek work to help support the family. He first found employment in a pail factory filing staves at twenty-five cents a day. He attended the Friendship Academy, later entered the dry goods store of Howard & Daniels, and was made assistant postmaster at Friendship under C. L. Howard. In 1881 he came to Buffalo and for ten years was a traveling salesman in the confectionery line for one firm, of which he was a partner during the last three years. September 1, 1891, he withdrew, and with Joseph J. Sindele formed the firm of Burt & Sindele and engaged in the wholesale manufacture of confections at 79 Main street. In 1892 an adjoining store, No. 77, was added, and in 1893, their business having outgrown these premises, the building on Seneca, Carroll and Wells streets was erected for and occupied by them. This has a frontage on Seneca street of thirtysix feet, five stories and basement, and eighty feet on Carroll and sixty-six feet on Wells street, six stories and basement, and is equipped with fifty and sixty horsepower boilers and a seventy-five horse-power engine, a complete electric light plant, and the latest improved machinery for the manufacture of a full line of confectionery. their specialty being the original B. & S. cough drops. From 100 to 150 hands are employed, and six traveling salesmen attend to an extensive business, principally with the jobbing trade, from Portland, Me., to Denver, Col. This is one of the largest manufacturing confectionery establishments in Buffalo, and its success is due entirely to the energy and enterprise of the firm, which has never received a dollar's backing from any one. Mr. Burt is president of the National Jobbing Confectioners' Association and a member of Washington Lodge No. 240, F. & A. M., and of Canandaigua Lodge, K. P. He has charge of the business end of the firm. Mr. Sindele was born in Buffalo in 1861, and was educated at St. Andrew's Parochial School, and has always worked at the confectioner's trade. His knowledge of the business is practical, thorough, and extensive. He is a member of the C. M. B. A. He has charge of the factory.

Our County and its people
A descriptive work on Erie County, New York
Edited by: Truman C. White
The Boston History Company, Publishes 1898


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