Bernhardt Bros., Buffalo


Bernhardt Bros., Buffalo.-Among the leading houses in Buffalo that contribute largely to the constantly spreading enterprise and activity of its merchants is the house of Bernhardt Bros., importers and wholesale dealers in foreign and native wines and liquors, with office and store at Nos. 297, 299 and 301 Washington streets. This prosperous business was established forty years ago by Christ Bernhardt in Main street, where he was located twenty two years In 1882 he removed to 273 Washington street, and consolidated his old business with that of Messrs. S. Gillig & Son (which was founded in 1848), the firm being known as Gillig & Bernhardt. In 1886, on the retirement of the Messrs. Gillig. the present firm was organized, the copartners being J. Christ and Herman Bernhardt. During the first four years of their partnership the business grew to such an extent that they were obliged to seek larger quar- ters in the four.story and basement brick building, 297-301 Washington street, 60 by 175 feet in dimensions, the upper floors being used for storage and the wholesale trade, while the first floor is utilized for the retail trade and the basement for the wine cellars and vaults. The stock, which is one of the finest in the State, includes all foreign and native wines, ports, sherries, clarets, Rhine wines, champagne, the finest Hungarian wines for medical purposes, special brands of Pennsylvania and Kentucky whiskies (aged for family use), and all the leading brands of cordials, ales and mineral waters. All foreign goods are imported direct by them. Their wholesale trade extends throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and adjacent States. Messrs. J. Christ and Hermann Bernhardt were both born in Germany; the former has resided in Buffalo forty-two years, and the latter thirty-five years. They are widely known in trade circles for sterling integrity, and are popular members of the Buffalo Board of Trade and several of the bust clubs and societies.

Our County and its people
A descriptive work on Erie County, New York
Edited by: Truman C. White
The Boston History Company, Publishes 1898


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