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CHARLES SMITH was born in Canton-road, Norfolk, England, May 1, 1817. His youth was spent at home on a farm in England, and although he was an extra good farm hand he was never sent to school a day in his life. The only education he ever received was picked up at Sunday school, and improved upon at every opportunity through life. On October 27, 1839, Mr. Charles Smith and Miss. Sophia Arms were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. After working land in England for several years, they thought it best to emigrate to America, but owing to a scarcity of funds it was decided that Mr. Smith should first go, and whth he could succeed in saving a sufficient amount to defray the expenses of the passage for his wife and family he should send for them. Accordingly, he came to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, May 31, 1856, and immediately found employment as a farm laborer at $16 per month, for three months. After that he worked at job work, ditching, etc., and at the end of three years he had the satisfaction of having a little over $400 in cash. He then sent for his wife, who arrived in Wisconsin in the winter of 1859. He then bought thirty acres of land, but not having any team, he worked a farm for another man for one third of the crop, the owner of the land to furnish team, feed and seed. During this year he built a log house on his little farm, and then sold out and came to Pleasant Hill, Minnesota, where he had taken a job of breaking 100 acres at $3 per acre. He completed his breaking and split rails, and built one-half a mile of fence, and invested his money in the N. E. 1/4 of Sec. 15, for which he gave $400, paying $125 down and twelve per cent interest on the balance. After paying for this farm he bought eighty acres in Sec. 22, where he now resides. He has also 320 acres in Faribault county, Minnesota. Mr. Smith and wife have long been connected with the Baptist church, but as there is no organization of Baptists in Pleasant Hill they are debarred from many church privileges which they would like to enjoy. They have a family of nine children, the youngest of which is living at home.

The History of Winona County
Together with Biographical Matter, Statistics, Etc.
BY: A. T. Andreas
H. H. Hill and Company, Publishers
Chicago 1883.


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