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MRS. RUTH M. ROWELL In connection with the early history and settlement of the town of Homer; there is no name, perhaps, that figures more prominently than that of Mother Rowell. Born of illustrious parents, reared and educated in all that pertains to true womanhood, inheriting from her ancestors those great moral and religious traits of character which enabled her in after-years to wield such an influence in the wilds of the west that unborn generations will yet feel. Mrs. Rowell embraced religion at the very early age of nine years; joined the Advent Christian church; was married in New Hampshire, June 9, 1844, and removed with her husband, Warren Rowell, to the town of Homer in 1853, and commenced the ministry in 1856. Her father was the notable Judge Cogswell, of New Hampshire. Her mother was the daughter of Col. Anthony Peavey, and were both ministers of the gospel. It was said of her. grandmother, Elisabeth Peavey, that she was a mother in Israel, as she had seven children who were ministers. She was the sister ot the mother of Vice President Wilson. The education of the people in christian and moral principles has been the life-work of Mrs. Rowell; but few women, indeed, could stand to do the amount of missionary work that she has done, and nothing but a strong willpower, supported by sustaining influence of an all wise Providence and the convictions of right could have sustained her in the performance of the amount of physical labor required of her in attending to her itinerant life's work; always ready at a little warning to go to the sick room and soothe the dying with words of cheer, preaching the funeral sermon and attending the last sad rites of the dead, speaking words of hope and consolation to the living, then again in the rostrum or pulpit, explaining the great mysteries of salvation through Christ; and when we reflect that she has done all this at great pecuniary sacrifice to herself, we must conclude she is a sincere worker in the Master's cause. She has had the charge of the Advent Christian church in Winona, and now is in charge and the regular pastor of the church at Utica. Besides her ministerial duties, she has given birth and raised to honor five children, two of whom are now dead. The eldest, Mary Adeline, graduated in the normal school in Winona, taught three years in the district schools in the city, and also taught in the Collegiate Institute at Red Wihg. She married an estimable gentleman of that place, and now resides there. Her second child, Fred C., is also a graduate of the normal school at Winona. He taught successfully several district schools. Married an accomplished young lady in Pleasant Vallry, by the name of Anna M. Preston, and now lives upon the farm with his father. Her third child, Annie E., was also a highly educated young lady, was also a teacher, and for her amiable qualities was very highly respected. She married Mr. E. G. Lord, son of the county superintendent, O. M. Lord. But their earthly lives were soon cut short, she dying in a little over a year, leaving an infant son, and he soon followed, both dying of consumption. The fourth child died at the age of thirteen months. The fifth and last, Warren C., is now attending the city schools at Red Wing, and is a very promising boy, and expects to graduate next year. Who can say that Mrs. Rowell has not done her part in the christian work and development of Winona county, and in the education of the youth in all those virtues that adorn society and forms the palladium of our civil and religious liberties? May her life be spared to continue the good work.

The History of Winona County
Together with Biographical Matter, Statistics, Etc.
BY: A. T. Andreas
H. H. Hill and Company, Publishers
Chicago 1883.


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