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WESLEY HILL, farmer, is a grandson of Jonathan Hill, who, at the age of fourteen, stood guard during the battle of Bunker Hill, in the fort on Dorchester heights, and was only prevented by the rising of the tide from plunging into the fight. David, the son of Jonathan Hill, was born in New Hampshire; he married Keziah Franklin, of Vermont, and settled at Winchester. in his native state, where Wesley Hill was born, June 14, 1821. Alvin Twitchell, grandfather of Keziali Franklin, was killed in the memorable Indian massacre at Walpole, New Hampshire. At eight years of age Wesley Hill was bound for six years to a farmer, which term he served, receiving about one monthís schooling per year. He then worked for a farmer and blacksmith till he was twenty. The four years were spent in lumbering on the Connecticut river. Subsequent to this he peddled tin and wooden ware several years, and again returned to farm labor. September 4, 1851, he married Sarah A. Nash. who was born at Gilson, New Hampshire, March 5. 1834. Her father, Charles Nash, was a native of the same state, and her mother, Eliza Gates, was a native of Massachusetts. On a dark and chilly morning in the fall of 1855 Mr. Hill landed at Minneiska, and began to search for a habitation. After an hourís search in the darkness, himself and companion were accommodated with lodging in a settlerís log hut till daylight. Making his way up the Whitewater valley to Elba, he took up 160 acres of government land on Sec. 32 in the town of Whitewater, and after securing this returned to the east. In the spring of 1858 he returned to Minnesota, and his family followed the next fall. A part of the original claim was sold within a few years, and sixty acres purchased on Sec. 5 in this township, on which the residence was moved, and where it still stands. On account of a broken leg, caused by being caught under a rolling log in the spring of 1865, Mr. Hill was compelled to dispose of forty acres of land. His farm now includes 140 acres; there are two fine springs of water thereon, and it is supplied with good buildings and other improvements, and its owner is prepared to enjoy the fruits of his early labors. Much of the land was covered with timber where now are fruitful fields and .a prime orchard. Mr. and Mrs. Hill are Universalists in religion. Mr. Hill has always voted tl1e republican ticket. Four children are included in the family, and all reside with their parents. The dates of their nativity are as follows: Helen E., May 19, 1853; Kizzie M., September 4, 1860; David F., August 29, 1865; Lora E., June 13, 1868.

The History of Winona County
Together with Biographical Matter, Statistics, Etc.
BY: A. T. Andreas
H. H. Hill and Company, Publishers
Chicago 1883.


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