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Michael Einhorn, a farmer residing on section 30 Homer Township, is one of the worthy citizens that Germany has furnished to America. He was born in Selz, April 28, 1828, and is the son of Peter Einhorn, also a native of Germany. Having arrived at years of maturity, the father there married Margaret Wisham. He was a contractor and builder, and followed that business in his native land until 1844, when, with the hope of bettering his financial condition, he sailed for America. Locating in Cook County, Illinois, he purchased land and turned his attention to farming, which he carried on up to the time of his death. He passed away in March 1851, and left a widow and six children to mourn his loss. He was the owner of one hundred and sixty acres of land, and upon his farm his wife remained for two years, when she, too passed away in March 1853. The parents therefore did not long enjoy their now home. Upon the mother's death the heirs sold the property, receiving about $8 per acre.

Michael Einhorn continued a resident of Cook County until 1862. He was a young man of sixteen years at the time of his migration to America. When he had attained his maturity his father gave him $200 in money and he started out in life for himself. He first turned his attention to farming, but soon after went to Chicago, where for fourteen years he was employed by the McCormick Bindery Company. He was frugal and industrious, and saving his earnings, he had on the expiration of that time a not inconsiderable sum. As stated before, he left Cook County in 1862, and came to Winona County, Minnesota. In Wilson Township he purchased one hundred and forty acres of land at $10 per acre, and upon that farm he made his home for five years the mean time, it had more than doubled its value, and he sold out for $35 per acre, thus realizing a good profit. He next purchased a quarter-section of land in Wilson Township. This was an un¬improved tract, for which he gave $45 per acre. Not a furrow had been turned thereon, but with characteristic energy he began its development, and the now raw prairie was soon made to yield to him bounteous harvest in return for the care and labor he bestowed upon them. For fifteen years he continued its cultivation and made it a valuable tract. At length he sold out for $4,000 and removed to Winona, where the two succeeding years of his life were passed. On purchasing another farm he became the owner of a one hundred and sixty acre tract, on which he made his home for four years. He then sold that property and bought the farm on which he now resides.

On the 6th of May 1851, Mr. Einhorn was united in marriage with Miss Barbara Kraudwick, daughter of Arnold and Annie (Schwartz) Kraudwick. Both parents were natives of Germany and came from Prussia to America, in the year 1843. They located on a farm in Cook County, Illinois, where they made their home for some years, and then came to Winona County, settling in Wilson, on the Chatfield road. There Mr. Kraudwick engaged in keeping a tavern, which was largely patronized by the traveling public, and therefore yielding him a good income. He carried on business along that line until his death, which occurred on the 2nd of February, 1857. His wife met her death October 29, 1880, when seventy-nine years of age, being cruelly murdered by robbers, who killed her and then took all her money, which amounted to a considerable sum, as she did a large business and handled considerable cash. The rogues also fired the house, but it did not burn. Mr. and Mrs. Kraudwick had four children of whom two are now living.

To Mr. and Mrs. Einhorn were born fourteen children, of whom the following are living, the others died in infancy. Michael, born October 11 1856: Mary November 24 1859; Mary, November 8 1860; Annie, August 29 1863; Henry, September 8, 1865; Elizabeth, April 2 1867; Sophia, May 15 1869; Bernard, December 20 1871; Herman, May 22 1873; Catherine, March 7 1875; and George may 22 1877. Michael was married April 11 1882 to Anna Carpenter, after whose death he married Mary Koenig; Tracy became the wife of Nicholas Lambert, April 13 1885; Annie wedded Conrad Koenig October 12, 1886; Mary became the wife of Bernard Weiser, November 13 1888; and Henry was married to Bertie Harvey, November 13 1891.

Mr. Einhorn was a self-made man and deserves great credit for his success in life. He started out empty handed and depending entirely upon his own resources, he steady worked his way upward, overcoming the difficulties and obstacles in his path by diligence and earnest effort and thus he was prosperity. He is not only recognized as a leading farmer, but also one of the progressive and public-spirited citizens of the county. In political views he is a democrat, and he and his family are members of the Catholic Church.

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