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C. C. BECK, farmer, lands lying two miles southwest of city, Stockton Bluff road. Mr. Beck is a native of Wurtemburg, bred to the trade of brewer; came to America in 1857, and to this county November 11, 1858, at which date he bought out the interests of Brently & Sherer in the Gilmore Valley Brewery, the real estate included in the purchase being about two acres. In 1859 the firm bought sixty acres of G. W. Clark, and in 1862 enlarged the dwelling which he had with the original purchase, and in which he lived until he took possession of his new residence in 1877. In the fall of 1862 Mr. Beck bought out his partner's interest in the brewery, the real estate was amicably divided, and with the other purchases since made gives Mr. Beck a solid quarter section as his homestead property. In 1872 he built his brewery saloon, a substantial brick 32 X 70, with eighteen feet walls, the structure costing about $3,000. During the season of 1876-7 he built his house on a natural ridge overlooking the city of Winona and commanding a magnificent prospect, extending for miles along the river. This house is one of the finest in this sectionof the state. It is of solid brick and stone, two stories, the main part, 40 X 45, with two additions, one 22 x 40, the other 20 x 20. The workmanship is most superior, the native wood finish very fine, the cost of building alone being $15,000. The brewery, which at the time of purchase had a capacity of 600 barrels, was gradually enlarged, until its capacity was between four and five thousand barrels, with an actual product of about threefourths that amount. In November, 1877, the same year his residence was completed, the brewery burned, entailing a loss of over $8,000 above all insurance. In August, 1880, Mr. Beck lost his wife, with whom he had lived most happily for eighteen years. Mr. Beck is a member of the town board, fully alive to the interests of the growing county in which he has lived almost a quarter of a century; and in which he has considerable landed property other than that included in his home farm.

The History of Winona County
Together with Biographical Matter, Statistics, Etc.
BY: A. T. Andreas
H. H. Hill and Company, Publishers
Chicago 1883.


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