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Alfred E. Swenson, a well known farmer and stock breeder residing in section 28, Sheldon township, was born in Houston township, this county, Feb. 10, 1884, son of S. A. and Lena (Carlson) Swenson. In his boyhood he attended school in his native township and also in Houston village. His parents being farmers, he was brought up to agricultural pursuits and resided at home until his marriage, though at the age of seventeen years he rented and operated a farm independently. When twenty years old he purchased a farm in section 23, which he still owns and where he resided until Jan. 1, 1919. When he took the place there were practically no improvements on the land, and the present appearance of the 160 acre farm with its good buildings, and well kept land, is due to his hard work and good judgment. After leaving this farm he rented it to a tenant, and himself moved to a 240 acre farm in section 10, which he is now conducting. An important part of his business is the raising of pure-bred Ayrshire cattle and Duroc-Jersey swine, he being a member of the Duroc-Jersey Breeders' Association. His operations have been conducted with good judgment and have resulted profitably, giving him an established position among the successful farmers and stock raisers of Sheldon township. He is a member of the Houston Shipping Association and a shareholder in the Telephone Company. His religious affiliations are with the Swedish Baptist church, while in politics he is independent. On April 10, 1913, Mr. Swenson was married to Julia Sheldon, who was born in Mound Prairie Township, Houston county, daughter of Sumner S. and Ada (Fairbanks) Sheldon. Two children have been born to them: Warren Sheldon, June 16, 1914; and Alfred Wayne, July 12, 1917. Sumner Sheldon, father of Mrs. Swenson, was born in Brownsville, this county, Aug. 19, 1855, and has always been a farmer, owning land, on which he made improvements, in Mound Prairie township. He is still in active life. His wife, who is also living, was born in Houston township, Nov. 6, 1868. Their daughter Julia, who was the second born in a family of six children, acquired her elementary education in a district school in Mound Prairie township, and also attended preparatory schools at Austin, Minn., and Onalaska, Wis. For two years before her marriage she followed the occupation of a teacher in Houston county.

The History of Houston County, Minnesota
Edited by: Franklyn Curtis-Wedge.
H. C. Cooper, Jr. & Co.
Winona, Minn. 1919


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