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Elling K. Roverud, for the past 30 years editor and proprietor of the Caledonia Journal, and who has also at various times taken a prominent part in local and state politics, isa man who has achieved a high measure of success through innate force of character, and without any initial advantages other than good heredity, a sound constitution, and a high standard of personal morals. Like many of the successful men of the great northwest, Mr. Roverud is of Scandinavian origin, having been born in Norway, Nov. 2, 1852, son of Knute H. and Guri (Stromsod) Roverud. The father was born in 1821 and the mother in 1818. Married in Norway, they came to Minnesota in 1867, locating on a farm, and in the following year buying a homestead, where Knute H. Roverud died in 1892, after an energetic and industrious career which enabled him to gain a substantial degree of prosperity and to provide well for his family. Though a man of quiet disposition, he yielded influence in local affairs and was an active member of the Republican party in his county. Religiously he was a Lutheran. For some years before his death he had been a widower, his wife having passed away in 1885. They were the parents of ten children, of whom there are three now living: Martha Kinstad, of La Crosse, Wis.; Elling K.; and John K., the one last mentioned residing in Calmar, Iowa.

The History of Houston County, Minnesota
Edited by: Franklyn Curtis-Wedge.
H. C. Cooper, Jr. & Co.
Winona, Minn. 1919


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