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Lars N. Larson, in whose death on Nov. 29, 1902, the village of Houston lost a useful and highly esteemed citizen, was born at Nonstad, near Christiania, Norway, Jan. 29, 1857, son of Nels and Maria Larson. He was one of the older members in a family of seven children, some of the younger of whom were born in this country, to which his parents emigrated when he was five years old, settling on land in Yucatan township, Houston county, Minn. There he attended school, and as he grew older worked on the home farm. He was still a boy when his father died, and his duties then became more onerous, the farm in time coming under his management, and he operated it for thirteen years after his marriage. Then moving to Houston village, he engaged here in the wagon repairing business, in which line of work he was very expert, and in which he continued until his death, having a large trade from all the surrounding country. A man of high character, honest in his business dealings, and with an agreeable and attractive personality, he was popular among a wide acquaintance, and his demise was felt as a loss by the entire community. He was a faithful member of the Lutheran church, shaping his life in accordance with its doctrines. In politics, a Republican, he served three terms as supervisor in his township and for a number of years was an efficient member of the school board. Mr. Larson was married April 13, 1883, to Liva Olson, who was born near the stone church in Yucatan township, this county, daughter of Tosten and Margaret (Anfinson) Olson, she being the eldest of their ten children. One child was born to Mr. and Mrs. Larson, Henry Nicholai, who is now engaged in the lumber business at Altura, Minn. He married Edna Vomsal of Houston, and has one child, Leila. Toston Olson, Mrs. Larson's father, was born in Norway, as was also his wife, Margaret. They were early settlers in Houston county, where they engaged in farming. Their second farm was in Money Creek township, where they resided until 1908, when Mr. Olson retired and came to Houston village, where he. passed away April 19, 1918. His wife died April 6, 1905.

The History of Houston County, Minnesota
Edited by: Franklyn Curtis-Wedge.
H. C. Cooper, Jr. & Co.
Winona, Minn. 1919


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