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Adam Heintz, a retired farmer residing in the village of Caledonia, was born in Bavaria, Germany, Jan. 23, 1851. He was 14 years old when he came to America, landing at New York in 1865. From that city he went to Canada, where he worked in the lumber camps for 50 cents a day. After being occupied in this manner for several years, he entered the States and took up his residence in Illinois for awhile. From there he came to Houston county among the early settlers. Here for awhile he worked for others. He was then married in Caledonia to Carolina Becker, and after his marriage engaged in farming for himself, buying land which he subsequently developed and cultivated, also erecting good buildings, until he had a good agricultural estate. After many years of successful activity, he retired and took up his residence in the village of Caledonia, where he is now living. He and his wife have had six children, all sons, and all of whom are living.

The History of Houston County, Minnesota
Edited by: Franklyn Curtis-Wedge.
H. C. Cooper, Jr. & Co.
Winona, Minn. 1919


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