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N. F. W. Kranz, the subject of this sketch, was born in Nusbaum (Province of Trees) Prussia, March 3d, 1841. He came to America with his parents in 1851, living at Hastings-upon Hudson, until 1856. His father, Nicholas Kranz, having come to Hampton, in this county, as one of the first settlers, his son followed him in August, 1856. Mr. Kranz lived in Hampton for eleven years, holding the office of town clerk for the eight years after he was of age. He was early identified with the educational interests of the country, teaching the first school in the town of Hampton in the winter of 1856. He continued to teach for the next ten years in districts No.60 and 62. In those primitive days the school-house was built of logs, and contained no chairs, bench or other educational appliance. The pupils sat upon the ground, and the master was also obliged to choose between that position and standing. Mr. Kranz led the life of a farmer at Hampton, living on a claim of one hundred and sixty acres, made early by his father, and added to afterwards, by purchase. In 1864, he was married to Miss Anna M. Bohr. Receiving the election as register of deeds for Dakota county, he removed to Hastings in December of 1867, where he has since resided, retaining the same office. He was instrumental in building the German Catholic church, and German parish school of Hastings, as well as, with his father, in building. the first Catholic church in the county, at New Trier. Mr. Kranz has brothers, John, Charles, Matthew and P. F. Kranz. it is from this family that Kranzburg, Dakota territory, derives its name.

The History of Dakota County and the City of Hastings.
By J. Fletcher Williams.
North Star Publishing Company.
Minneapolis. 1881.

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